CYBR Commemorates The New Space Race With NFT And Unlockable Mission Patch

July 2021 is set to be a huge moment for space exploration with both Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) and Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) blasting to space on their own spacecraft. CYBR has commemorated this moment with an exclusive NFT and unlockable physical mission patch.

The CYBR NFT is an evolution from the brand’s “OFF-WORLD” series, and shows the view out of a space station porthole while the mission patch spins in full view. The NFT also unlocks the physical “SPACE RACE” mission patch and a copy of CYBR Magazine ISSUE 07 "OFF-WORLD". For those who are yet to enter the metaverse, you can buy the mission patch straight from the CYBR web store.

Both men see space travel as a critical part in our future lives, with Branson planning orbital flights to speed up travel on Earth (New York to London in 45 minutes) and Bezos is even envisioning the idea of cities on Space Stations, much like the O’Neill space cylinder.

In a survey of CYBR Magazine readers, 73% stated they would choose to fly to space with Virgin Galactic over Blue Origin.

CYBR Founder/ Editor James Joseph Comments:

“Since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of going to space. I used to track the International Space Station with printouts before we had smartphones and apps to do it for us. At CYBR we wanted to commemorate this important moment, as this new space race is ultimately going to result in suborbital flights being affordable for almost everyone.

Whether you’re a fan, or not as the case may be, of either party, there is no denying the importance of these flights in our history. The innovation in this new space race needs to be celebrated, Virgin Galactic’s space plane is an engineering marvel, with foldable wings that can withstand incredible forces to enable re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere.”

The “SPACE RACE” NFT is available exclusively on Rarible for 0.035 ETH ($65)


In 'OFF-WORLD' CYBR explore what life would be like when humans become multi-planetary and space station living is a thing of the present.⁠⁠ From 3D printed sneakers, to space habitats and spaceships that can travel across the solar system, to bioprinting hearts and cryptocurrencies taking over space.

For the first time, CYBR introduces a new universe and are proud to present OFF-WORLD, an Earth-orbiting residential space station and vacation hotspot. Space station living on the OFF-WORLD is luxurious and otherworldly, with never before seen galactic views. Onboard fashion has evolved to two main forms; 3D printed or appearing digitally in AR. Algae caviar is the superfood of the moment, and those on board are healed and treated by bioprinting. Recreationally those on the station watch zero-g races, experience spacewalking, and VR lenses transport them to places lush, green and full of life.

CYBR was founded by James Joseph in 2018. The CYBR group was born out of a passion for all things in the technology sphere, focusing on futurism and tech culture, whether that's NFT art, space exploration, 3D printing, or even fusion energy.

To support diversity and cultural variety, issues include interviews with billionaire innovators like Kimbal Musk (yes... Elon's brother), Dr Sankai of Cyberdyne Robotics, and Facebook's VR team. Plus conversations and features with cultural tech creatives like Grimes, Krista Kim, RTFKT, and Thomas Webb

Notes to Editors

CYBR was the first magazine to launch full issues as NFT's

CYBR is connecting the digital NFT with physical, leaning into "phygital" space.

CYBR Editor, James Joseph has extensive experience in the digital space, having developed StyleNoir and worked leading digital at Garage Magazine, Vice.

Current topic with Bezos launches to space on the 20th of July, tomorrow, with the youngest and oldest person to ever go to space with Wally Funk an 82-year-old trailblazing female aviator, and Oliver Daemen an 18-year-old student (son of a hedge fund guy)

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