CYBR Launches Phygital Augmented Reality Clothing

CYBR has become known for its Augmented Reality magazine and digital fashion products, but today marks the brand's launch of its first real-time augmented reality clothing.

Buyers of the physical “OFF-WORLD” t-shirt automatically unlock an augmented reality space suit that tracks their body in real-time through Snapchat—creating wearable AR fashion and bringing the metaverse to reality.

“Digital fashion has changed rapidly in just the last six months. With technological advancements, we’re now able to create real-time, real-life augmented reality clothing that tracks the wearer's body movements. This OFF-WORLD space suit is the first of our continued efforts to be at the forefront of the metaverse.

AR has often been used to bring consumers into a new experience, taking them into another realm to explore new surroundings. However, we see AR as one of the solutions to sustainable problems that exist in the fashion industry. With new technology, we can ‘skin’ reality just like in video games in real-time. Imagine a simple, sustainability made black tee with an unlimited number of design possibilities.

New AR filters can be released to change the look of the t-shirt, tapping into the changing trends but without the need for extra consumption and waste. This is the beginning of the ultimate merging of physical and digital fashion.” comments James Joseph, Founder of CYBR.

The clothing drop is part of CYBR’s “OFF-WORLD” universe. An Earth-orbiting residential space station launched in the year 2121 was first introduced in ISSUE 07 of CYBR Magazine.

In the year 2121, as the OFF-WORLD space station orbits Earth, residents embark on a 'historic tour' for recreation. The tour visits the space stations that led to its own construction, still orbiting Earth as space junk. From the USA’s Skylab and ISS, Russia’s MIR and China’s Tiangong, dating back to 1971. This T-Shirt celebrates the space stations of the human race and those to come.

The CYBR “OFF-WORLD TOUR” AR T-SHIRT is available in black and white, RRP at £24, exclusively via

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