CYBR Teams-up with Replicant.Fashion To Launch Digital Fashion Collection

CYBR Teams-up with Replicant Fashion To Launch Digital Fashion Collection That’s Out Of This World

For ISSUE 07 of CYBR Magazine, the brand introduced OFF-WORLD, an Earth-orbiting residential space station and tourist hotspot. For CYBR’s first digital fashion drop, they present two looks worn by the elite onboard.

The 001 jumpsuit and 002 trench-coat are made from liquid metal and have edging that emits light, adorned with brushed metal hardware. The collection takes inspiration from the Y2K era, a full 120 years before the collection's launch in 2021.

To make this possible, CYBR has collaborated with the digital fashion platform Replicant. Known for their digital tailoring skills, they create some of the world's best known digital fashion items. Replicant has transparency at the forefront of its vision as a sustainable brand, publishing its sales and activities for anyone to read on its website.

“For our first foray into the AR digital fashion market, we wanted to align with a platform placing innovation and sustainability at its core. Replicant is championing both these areas, so it felt like a perfect fit.

Digital fashion is a futuristic and exciting way to wear never before possible garments. Created in 3D, our digital fashion pieces are made with the same patterns and principles as traditional fashion but exist only in the digital realm.

This means you can wear physics-breaking clothes that wouldn't be possible in the 'real world'. We wanted to work textures and light seen in other objects but not yet possible in clothing for our designs. Mirrored leather and emission, light projecting edging on both garments, feel familiar but offer a renewed excitement in this new form.

According to the recent Dress X sustainable report, the production of a digital garment emits 97% less CO2 than the production of a physical garment and, on average, saves 3,300 litres of water! With no need for shipping, warehousing, and no real materials used, it drastically reduces the impact of the world's third-largest polluter to near zero.

When you purchase one of our digital outfits, you can simply upload a photo of yourself, and a digital tailor fits the garment to your image, ready to post. It’s an easy, fun experience that allows the user to be creative whilst making a more sustainable choice. It’s a high-end designer outfit, without the high cost to you or the planet.” CYBR Founder/ CEO James Joseph.


RRP $30


RRP $28

The CYBR OFF-WORLD drop is available at REPLICANT X CYBR


In the year 2121, OFF-WORLD, a residential space station, orbits the Earth. Augmented Reality glasses are now as regular as today’s smartphones, and fashion has changed forever. Transporting and manufacturing fabrics into physical garments on the station is seen as antiquated; its unsustainable and polluting ways are deemed old fashioned. Now the station’s residents buy digital fashion garments, which are not confined to the rules of physics and have limitless creativity and expression, being displayed through each resident’s Augmented Reality glasses in real-time. This is the future of fashion.

Replicant comments, “It is so exciting to launch CYBR on Replicant. Fashion so that more people can discover digital fashion and all its possibilities. Replicant stands for mindfulness, sustainability, future tech, and of course, creativity. The CYBR vision of people wearing digital outfits on a space station in Earth's orbit may seem from a sci-fi movie or at least a very distant future. But I am sure the future will be like this, and we are happy to be taking the first steps towards it.”

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Notes to Editors

CYBR are open to offering relevant journalists the opportunity to turn one of the digital pieces and will take their audience on a journey through the process.

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Digital fashion pieces are the perfect way to experiment with your fashion choices whilst being more sustainable. For CYBR's first drop, they wanted to release pieces offering materials not possible in "IRL".

Digital fashion is a notably more sustainable option whilst offering users the freedom to experiment with their fashion choices.

CYBR's Founder/ CEO James Joseph is well versed in all matters AR, Digital Fashion, Gaming and Cryptocurrency and is available for comments.

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