Join LDC, the fashion, beauty and lifestyle omnichannel jumping into the future of fashion this fashion week with their Digital Exhibition and VR experience

LDC is working towards a more positive, sustainable and diverse future for the fashion industry. This London Fashion Week they will bring to you a range of physical and digital immersive experiences designed to showcase the most innovative happenings in the fashion tech industry. Opening up the conversation around the necessary changes needed to build back a more sustainable, creative and open future. Demonstrating the new technologies which will allow brands, designers and consumers to reimagine and play with the boundaries of the physical and digital realms of fashion.

Starting by looking back with Holition, the award-winning digital retail agency that shapes the future of consumer experiences in the fashion and beauty industries. LDC will present the Data Visualization Project, exhibiting data from LFW 2018, we will observe the changes in conversation within the industry around sustainability and diversity. How far have we come and where do we need to go?

Next, LDC takes the community into the future of sustainability. Connecting with LDC’s core values of community and sustainability, we explore how designers, brands and consumers alike all have an individual role to play. Launching Holition’s exciting, new immersive app; Intertwined Futures.

"Harnessing technology to amplify our understanding of human experience is central to Holition's core mission and method. Holition's activations at the Lone Design Club have been created to unravel the conversations during London Fashion Week and explore how these experiences have ignited a need for change in the industry.

The Intertwined Futures app that we are launching brings the conversation of climate change to the wider community through an augmented reality-enabled mobile experience, which gives individuals a chance to understand and personally alter their relationship with nature.

This augmented reality experience addresses fundamental issues that matter to us - one is around sustainability and the climate emergency, and second is digital, and how technology can be used to encourage exploration, discovery, and create meaningful interactions," comments Jonathan Chippindale, Chief Executive at Holition.

Completing this immersive experience, LDC has teamed up with Wenkly Studio, bringing a fun VR Experience, making this an accessible media for consumers to explore and its sustainable possibilities. Transporting consumers into a fully inactive experience to demonstrate the endless possibilities there are between fashion and tech.

Michał Rotyński, CEO at Wenkly Studio comments "We live in an exciting time, where each and every product of our imagination could be recreated in the virtual world, then placed right in front of our own eyes to interact with. Technology will be invaluable for the fashion industry, in a time where we want to encourage the world to look ahead to a new greener future.

VR opens up a world without limits, express the mood of your collection: set the clothes on fire, reverse the world gravitation, or change the appearance of your models... Set your own rules for the show and give the audience goosebumps from excitement!"

The LDC London Fashion Month store will run for the full month of September, offering wears from independent and sustainable designers and hosting a wealth of store experiences.

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