LDC teams up with the Black Directory UK in support of black-owned businesses and the wider BAME community within the workplace.

In support and allyship of the BAME community and in an active move to promote diversity within the creative industry, LDC will be using their platform to give the spotlight to the talented BAME designers on their site through editorial pieces in the LDC Magazine and their social media this month and beyond.

This will include the LDC X Black Directory UK, Inclusivity + Empowerment in working life on Thursday 12th November 2020.

LDC’s partners, the Black Directory UK, are an online platform showcasing Black British culture, news and business. Helping, connect creative to opportunities, and entrepreneurs gain access to capital and resources.

The dedicated panel discussion will be based around navigating, as a black person, in the working world, the common micro aggressions in the workplace, hair politics, the under-representation of black people in senior positions and unconscious bias from colleagues.

Speakers will include, Catherine Foxwell of Floral Evolution. Floral Evolution offers revolutionary flowers, for weddings and events, pushing boundaries and exploring the use of colour and texture to make breath-taking floral displays. Catherine is also a keen photographer and takes many images of flowers to explore the beauty in individual blooms and capture these moments.

Rejoice Ojiaku Reji is the Global SEO Account Manager & Co-Founder of B-Digital U.K, a digital marketing platform aimed at black people with a focus on showcasing and inspiring black talent. She is also the host of a popular talk show, Table Talk, centred around highlighting black culture and good food. As if that wasn't enough, she also co-runs a podcast called 4 Elements, a sorority of four black women in London, bringing their listeners relatable content.

Nel Marie Patra: Actor and creative, most recently known for her latest appearance in the TikTok commercial. Nel understands how to utilise social media as a platform and often uses it as a means to discuss race and inequality.

Firdous, Firdous is a model, entrepreneur and founder of Flossy Eyewear; a sunglasses label that has been featured in the likes of British Vogue.

“The Black Directory UK want to empower people at all working levels to speak up in the workplace and be willing to challenge opinions and the status quo. To not be afraid to have certain conversations, for real change, we need to be able to communicate.

We are happy to be working with LDC to promote this message for change and looking forward to discussing these topics with our great speakers and the LDC audience” Founder and Creator behind Black Directory UK, Shan Amani

Join the LDC X LDC x Black Directory UK: Inclusivity + Empowerment in working life here

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