Lone Design Club In Partnership With The Crown Estate Launch "The Conscious Edit Pop-Up" promoting sustainably-conscious fashion, beauty and lifestyle products with a full schedule of in-store events.

This September, The Crown Estate and Lone Design Club are uniting to launch the Conscious Edit, designed to showcase to visitors some of the wonderful conscious brands now available on the high street. The store will celebrate the brands, companies and people working hard to address their social and environmental impacts and working towards a more sustainable future. Join us for access to unique, immersive experiences and some of the emerging brands now at the forefront of the high street.

Located in one of London's most prominent shopping locations, 84 - 86 Regent Street, The Conscious Edit concept store will unite, under one roof, industry leaders, change-makers and a range of conscious, independent fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Designed to take visitors on a journey through the innovation happening within the industry and support them to take small steps toward a more sustainably conscious lifestyle.

Come and see the latest innovations in materials and production. Witness those making anew through upcycling, reuse and rental. Connect with brands supporting charitable works, planting trees and pushing for B Corp status. Hear from the designers and activists championing the movement for fair wages and ethical working conditions.

Alongside conscious pieces and collections, LDC X The Crown Estate will bring together the world of repair, customisation and rental. Guests will be encouraged to bring in their pre-loved items of clothing to be repaired with care in the repair zone in partnership with Sojo. Have a custom designer experience at LDC’s Upcycling station with a design team ready to redesign and make your old wears anew. And an entire rental zone in partnership with Rotaro will highlight the beautiful garments available on the rental and resale markets.

Experience a range of fun and educational zones, talks, digital activations and community gatherings exploring positive impact in the industry with conscious fashion and beauty events, sound bath sessions, live podcasts, catwalk shows and presentations, panel talks, music from the latest new musical talent and a full Metraverse experience with our partner, XR Couture.

A few of the incredible speakers joining us across The Conscious Edits month-long event schedule will be….

Speakers that will join us across our month-long events schedule will include;

Enjoy our opening night celebrations with an introduction to the store and the fun month ahead with a talk moderated by Amy Nguyen. A sustainability researcher and contributor to Forbes and The Times alongside Sara Vaughan, an innovator, positive change maker and creator of brands and companies with purpose and host of the podcast series "Start Somewhere".

With the Fashion Minority Alliance explore, can sustainable fashion be inclusive? With Designer, Artist and Educator Andrew Ibi, Writer, Stylist and Consultant Aja Barber. Founder and Designer of Bougroug, Anwar Bougroug and Tamara Cincik, the Founder & CEO of Fashion Roundtable.

Deep dive into the conscious consumerism landscape, its challenges and exciting future opportunities with the CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress, Samata Pattinson, Sojo founder Josephine Phillips and Bianca Rangecroft, the founder and CEO of Whering.

Look to the future with Fashion Revolutions Communications Manager Ruth Maclip, green beauty influencer Nicole Whittle, AKA @veganbeautygirl and Anne Welsh, an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Painless Universal, closing the store with some positive reflections and steps to move forward.

There will also be an array of BBC introducing music talent performing secret sets!

Full events schedule and RSVP are available here.


The store’s journey will focus on four areas of sustainability, which will be demonstrated through the brand curation and the immersive spaces and experiences across the store. There will be conscious fashion, green beauty, soothing wellness and self-care and lifestyle brands on offer, all of whom are doing great work towards a more sustainable future.

To show tangible metrics of the efforts of brands in store to create positive change and have an open conversation with consumers around the impact they can make with their purchases, LDC and The Crown Estate have engaged Compare Ethics to verify the work done so far by 30 brands involved and show their genuine commitment to improving their impact.

Alongside this, we are working across our event series with authorities in the space of ethics and social responsibility from Fashion Revolution and Common Objective.

The store pillars will focus on…

Environmental Impact: Sustainability in Materials and Production- innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics, small production runs, made-to-order pieces, brands and companies taking significant steps to minimise their impact on the environment, from CO2 and water saving to recycling/upcycling and circular approaches. We will be showcasing how brands are reducing their impact on our wonderful planet…

Ethical + Social - Honest, transparent supply chains are at the heart of the future of fashion. Supporting local communities, solidarity, diversity, inclusivity, unity, and sensitivity are all important principles.

Due Diligence - Due Diligence - Compare Ethics will perform due diligence checks on the safety of working environments, labour practices and health and safety precautions. The platform will also review relevant certifications and audit information relating to the payment of fair living wages. By verifying all product impact claims, compliance with the UK’s Green Claims Code will be ensured. This will give shoppers full confidence in their purchases on the day.


The store interior will be built and curated using furniture rescued from landfills, repurposed or upcycled. This zero-impact approach will be detailed throughout the space in gallery-style storytelling of where the items have come from and what the teams have done to give the objects new life. While there will be elements of newness, the LDC team will be searching for the most innovative interior companies out there, striving to build the store out of entirely recycled materials.

Notes to Editors

Lone Design Club and The Crown Estate would love to invite you to celebrate conscious fashion together.
Opening Night Celebration, Thursday 1st September 2022.
RVSP: mccluskeypr@gmail.com

● LDC & The Crown Estate have come together to highlight to consumers the brands and companies working toward a more conscious, responsible future. The store will focus on how, by measuring the impact of the store and brands, we can demonstrate clearly and tangibly that consumers can have a great shopping experience whilst being part of positive change. This will be done by storytelling throughout the store, where we will present data collected by our verification partner, Compare Ethics.
● The store will offer guidance to customers on the small steps that are possible to move towards a more sustainably conscious lifestyle, offering conscious shopping options with new, vintage, repair, reuse, swap and rental options.
● Physical X Digital: A true omnichannel experience, the store will play with the line between IRL and digital. With a fully immersive metaverse experience. Global customers can access and be part of the store experience via a panel talk hosted by XR Couture.

About LDC
Lone Design Club is cutting through the noise of a saturated fast‐fashion market and shaking up the conventional shopping experience by challenging traditional retail offerings in the UK and internationally. Presenting a new immersive shopping experience, LDC is blurring the lines between consumers’ online and in‐store purchasing experiences.

About The Crown Estate
The Crown Estate is a unique business with a diverse portfolio that stretches across the country. They actively manage their assets in line with their purpose: to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. Their portfolio includes some of central London’s best places to work, shop, live and experience, as well as regional retail and leisure destinations across the country, a substantial rural portfolio, a number of mixed-use and strategic land opportunities, and the Windsor Estate, including the world-renowned Windsor Great Park.

They also manage the seabed and half the foreshore around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and therefore play a fundamental role in the sustainable development of this important national asset, including in the UK’s world-leading offshore wind sector as well as marine aggregates, cables and pipelines and CCUS. Established by an Act of Parliament, they are tasked with generating profit for the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances, this has totalled £3bn over the last ten years.

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