Lone Design Club Launch LDC3D, An Interactive Shopping & Fashion Presentations Experience This London Fashion Week


Jump into the digital 3D world this London Fashion Week With Lone Design Club and Thrill Digital.

The Future Of Fashion Is Here And Its 3D. Retail innovators, Lone Design Club and Thrill Digital, the fashion tech startup revolutionising the fashion industry with gaming and web3.0 technology, have teamed-up this fashion week to offer a 3D experience like no other.

Let LDC take you on a journey showcasing their independent and sustainable brand talent via an interactive, dual watching and shopping experience. Take a stroll around the LDC3D world, browse and interact with the latest wears whilst watching a schedule of fashion presentations, including the behind the scenes beauty all from your office chair.

The perfect merging of film and fash tech, this phy-digital experience allows guests to enjoy the “traditional” fashion week experience, set-up within an innovative 3D shopping experience, all whilst leaving zero carbon footprint on our precious planet.

See pieces from the likes of Fashion Week favourites Fyodor Golan, Georgia Hardinge and Velásquez and more.

“Fashion tech will be one of the leading forces in the fight to make the fashion industry more sustainable. To align with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement’s pathway, the fashion industry will need to cut current carbon emissions by 1.1 billion tonnes within the next decade, approximately half of the current figure.

We’re proud to be supporting brands making adjustments to all areas of their businesses to shive for a more sustainable industry, from innovation in materials, reducing production waste, smaller collections, made to order, packaging and upcycling. Digital events such as these will play a pivotal role in giving these brands a global platform and reducing the carbon footprint left by travel by the industry ”. LDC CEO, Rebecca Morter

Join us Friday the 19th February 2021

5:20 pm - Doors to the virtual pop-up open

5:30 pm - Lone Design Club

5:40 pm - Leeann Huang

5:45 pm - Joao Maraschin

5:50 pm - Global Designer


Lone Design Club is cutting through the noise of a saturated fast‐fashion market and is shaking up the conventional shopping experience by challenging traditional retail offerings both in the UK and internationally. Seamlessly blending their physical/ phygital stores with online digital experiences through lG lives, digital events/ spaces and a wide-ranging online shop. Promoting the latest tech with mobile self‐checkout and product information and QR codes connecting the physical to the digital.

The beauty of LDC is that every concept store is unique. Whether it is displaying a new emerging premium brand, discovering one-of-a-kind products, or gaining a glimpse into the fashion world with their in‐store experiences and events led by influential individuals within the fashion industry.

Notes to Editors

Moving with the times, omnichannel, Lone Design Club introduces LDC3D. An interactive shopping and watching experience, showcasing 3D items for guest to browse, whilst enjoying information and fashion films from some of their innovative designers.

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