Want To Read Magazines In The Metaverse? Now you can. Cybr Magazine Updates NFT Collection Ready For The Metaverse

CYBR Magazine was the first to launch a full magazine as an NFT back in March 2020. These ‘genesis’ NFTs unlocked a subscription to the print and AR magazine, but now CYBR is revolutionising how it works.

Launching on the 24th of November 2021, CYBR has created a cyberpunk 3D virtual display tablet for each NFT magazine issue. This function will allow readers to subscribe to the magazine and even get back issues through the NFTs. For each issue, there are 50 RARE copies, and 250 common copies. The RARE unlocks a subscription for the holder that is transferable on selling the NFT. The COMMON unlocks a single back issue.

The latest instalment in CYBR Magazine’s Metaverse / NFT journey, this new collection and its associated NFT contract will add a huge amount of utility to the magazine. First and foremost, it will allow readers to be verified by signing in with their NFT. This will enable them to order the unlocked subscription for themselves, give them access to exclusive merchandise and gain special privileges in the community. As well as unlocking the virtual tablet in Augmented Reality along with other AR features in CYBR.

But most importantly this new 3D modelled display tablet has been built for use in the metaverse. Over time CYBR will build its new magazines into virtual reality and metaverses for people to read, just tap the screen of the virtual device to turn the pages, as if it was real life.

James Joseph, Founder of CYBR states: “At CYBR Magazine we’ve been building augmented reality magazines and fictional worlds for years, this collection is our commitment to the metaverse, revolutionising how our readers can interact and subscribe to the magazine.”

"I’m really excited about CYBR pioneering in the world of publishing through NFTs. Many of us have precious collections of print magazines like iD and Dazed, I see CYBR being a significant culture marker for creators and collectors in this new eco-system." Comments Holly Wood, Head of Creator Relationships at Rarible

CYBR Magazine features covers including Isabelle Boemeke - the world’s first nuclear energy influencer, AI rapper FN MEKA, eSports player POW3R and more.

Selling on NFT platforms Rarible and Opensea with RARE copies available at 0.15ETH and COMMON 0.01ETH.

Notes to Editors

A great new concept around NFT's
AR magazine revolutionising how readers can interact and subscribe.
Taking magazine into the new eco-system
Magazine accepting cryptocurrency
Founder and Editor, James Joseph well versed in NFT's, digital fashion, AR, cryptocurrency, sustainable fashion technologies

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