Bulgaria del Sol? Brits Searched For Holiday Alternatives In Bid To Get Away This Summer

● Bulgaria most searched for holiday destination between July - August 2021

● Hopeful travellers also looked to Turkey but were ultimately disappointed

● British Airways saw over 1.5m searches as Brits looked to escape this summer

New data has revealed that Bulgaria was the most searched for “holiday destination” during July and August, as Brits tried to get creative with their holiday choices. The Balkan nation beat holiday favourites, Greece (116,873 searches) and the Maldives (98,570) to the top spot, raking in 121,307 searches. Noticeably, there was a spike in searches (24,667) for Bulgarian holidays around July 19, when the country went onto the UK green list. Hopes were however short-lived as Bulgaria put the UK on its red list at around the same time, showing how tricky foreign holiday planning remained this summer.

The analysis was carried out by search experts MediaVision, using its proprietary Digital Demand Tracker tool that analyses search data from AdWords and Google Trends to get a blended view on demand changes week by week.

The top 10 holiday destination searches were:

1. Bulgaria - 121,307

2. Greece - 116,873

3. Maldives - 98,570

4. Turkey - 95,071

5. Canary Islands - 77, 835

6. Spain - 66,164

7. Malta - 65,348

8. Cyprus - 52, 736

9. Tenerife - 42, 654

10. Mexico - 37,182

Turkey made the top five despite the country remaining stubbornly on the red list throughout the summer. However, rumours of it potentially moving to amber meant searches remained relatively high for hopeful holiday makers. Brits’ pent up desire to fly to sunnier climes this year was also evident with 1, 546, 798 searches for British Airways.

The data further revealed that as we looked to get away for the first time in 18 months, many of us were looking to treat ourselves to new luggage. 128, 779 searches related to ‘travel bags’ were made from the beginning of July to the middle of August. Meanwhile, Brits weren’t taking any chances with the ever changing “will they, won’t they” traffic light system, with 380, 628 searches made for ‘travel insurance’. Interestingly there was a spike in searches for the term around 19 July, aka Freedom Day.

MediaVision also found that the desire to look good on holiday triggered a spike in interest in vacation outfits. Among the most searched for items were - bucket hats (352,806), sunglasses (352,830), sliders (284,179) and swimsuits (242,142) - which all made the top five for ‘holiday clothing’ related searches. Moreover, the Hawaiian shirt continued to defy the odds and remained popular, with 59,122 searches.

When it came to toiletries and personal care items, hand sanitizer gel (110, 000) was unsurprisingly number one, beating influencer favourite, Skinny Tan (100,422). Interestingly, makeup bag (80,513) was also one of the most searched for terms in the category, as travellers prepared to take their products off the bedroom dresser and through airport security.

Louis Venter, CEO at MediaVision, comments: “The data shows just how important a summer holiday in the sun is to the stressed UK public now that restrictions have eased.

“It can be hard to know if glossy magazine articles on the latest summer must-haves translate into actual sales, but with search being one of the most powerful indicators of intent to buy, it looks like items such as sliders and bucket hats are still being snapped up. But I’m also delighted to see that a personal favourite, the Hawaiian shirt trend, is still going strong!”

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