Menopause Group donate £1 million worth of support to NHS staff & Key Workers

PRESS RELEASE 20th November 2020

Menopause Experts to support the NHS

To say thank you to the hardworking dedicated NHS Workers and Key Workers, Menopause experts are donating 10,000 places on their Menopause Worldwide programme worth a staggering £1 Million. We believe that women working in the NHS and within Keyworker roles, deserve all the support they can get in managing the challenges of the menopause and we are here to help.

Menopause Experts provides 100 hours of impartial scientifically backed information and resources to give help & support, and answers to questions, whilst busting menopause myths. This is a truly life-changing programme. The programme which has thousands of subscribers’ costs £199 and we are donating it free of charge to the women of the NHS.

There are over 500,000 women working in the NHS, and care sector who are within the menopause journey. Working in this high-risk, high-stress environment is made all the more difficult during the menopause where everything from your mood to the control of your bladder is affected. Helping women reduce and manage the symptoms allows them to regain control of their lives and bodies and sustain the impact they have in the workplace.

Some key facts about the menopause:

Though this is a natural phase of growing older, many young women experience early menopause induced by illness or surgery. Indeed 1 in 20 women experience this prematurely in the UK.

There are 13 million midlife women in the UK and 1 billion worldwide, experiencing perimenopause and menopause symptoms right now!

Some women have been misdiagnosed with early-onset dementia when symptoms present as brain fog and forgetfulness due to menopause and the oestrogen decline.

Businesses lose millions of pounds each year due to absenteeism in the workplace, as some women would rather call in sick than feel embarrassed by their symptoms at work.

There is a solution…

Menopause Experts is a group of companies offering a large array of services that provide education, symptom management and much relief for women experiencing debilitating symptoms and is supported by many of the UK’s leading menopause doctors and specialists including, Dr Anne Henderson - consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician and one of the UK’s leading menopause experts - and TV medic Dr Dawn Harper - star of C4’s Embarrassing Bodies and the author of ‘How to Live Well to 101’.

Founder and director of the menopause Group Dee Murray (Gardner) Said ‘I am thrilled to be able to offer our services to women of the NHS and Key Workers. Women our age, and those experiencing early menopause cannot wait for schools, and GP’s to catch up on relevant information that can be life-changing for so many. Suicide statistics for women during their early 50’s is on the rise, and something should be done to support and educate women going through this life stage. Let us join forces and remove the negative stigma that has always been associated with menopause. We are not ‘mad old women’ we are passionate women looking for solutions.’

Non-Executive Director - Dr Dawn Harper said: ‘I’m thrilled to be involved with such a great programme. Menopause should be talked about openly and honestly and women should have access to the best information and advice about what’s happening to their bodies at this time, and how they can help themselves to stay healthy and happy in midlife and beyond.’

Notes to the editors

At the core of the Menopause Experts platform are four interactive modules, referred to as ‘Pillars’. They are:

MENO-MEDICS: covers everything Biological & Medical, explaining what is happening to the body, and the importance of Hormones. It also deals with the pros & cons of HRT.

MENO-NUTRITION: explains the key role that Food & Nutrition plays in the management of menopause symptoms, as well as Bone & Heart health. Recipes/Meal Plans also provided.

MENO-MIND: focuses on the importance of positive Mental Health and how to better deal with Brain Fog, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Mood Swings and even relationship issues.

MENO-WELLNESS: shows the benefits of exercise, and even gentle movement on your Cardiovascular Health, Joints, Muscles, and Mental Wellbeing. Mindfulness, Meditation & Complementary Therapies are also covered. Suitable also for the physically impaired.

Other offers from the Menopause Experts Group include:

Menopause Day Retreats (returning once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)

Menopause Chef Cookery Schools (opening once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)

Franchises for Menopause Retreats and Menopause Chef have also been released for sale.

More information can be also be found here


Menopause Experts founder Dee Gardner and the rest of the Menopause Experts Group are available for interview and further comment. Further images also available.

Please contact: Dee Gardner 07432 557907

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