The secret pleasure of housework and finding inner joy


The secret pleasure of housework and finding inner joy

15th March 2019

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Cleaning expert Bella Middleton, inspired by finding unexpected joy in caring for her possessions, has designed her own eco-cleaning range, Norfolk Natural Living.

Bella always thought of herself as a bit of a cleaning guru, copying her mother as a child and finding delight in watching her make use of homemade natural formulas. This obsession continued into adulthood, and after Bella became a mother and owned her own home, she started to use her own natural solutions to cleanse her home. As well as keeping everything spick and span for all those little feet running around, Bella found a unique pleasure in this activity.

‘Cleaning has always felt quite therapeutic and to me and brings a wonderful sense of community, and I’m always sharing hacks and tips with friends. Cleaning is something we all do, and it’s lovely to feel part of something bigger’ says mother of three and founder of Norfolk Natural Living. ‘Cleaning my kitchen or doing the laundry has never felt like a chore. I find it very calming and satisfying. My home is full of possessions that I’ve selected because I love them, so why should looking after them be any different?’.

Norfolk Natural Living was the project borne out of this mindful way of cleaning her home. The aim of the range is to to enhance the everyday, to bring beauty joy to your daily chores. From her workshop in a small Norfolk market town, Bella and her team have created ever-evolving collection of luxury garment care and homewares. Using the coastal terrain that surrounds them as a guide, they’ve created a natural range for the home, bottling every botanical detergent and cleanser by hand.

‘When it’s time to wash my selvedge denim jeans or silk scarf, I look forward to it. Taking the time to care and cleanse my favorite items not only means they’ll last longer and wash better, but taking the time to do so evokes so many memories of that precious item. Whenever it’s time to to wash my baby’s woolen cardigan, knitted by my Granny, it reminds me of the special moment that she gifted it to me just after my daughter was born. Possessions really are full of stories that are so interwoven into our everyday lives’

Combining traditional artisan methods with the most modern plant based technology, the initial range spans laundry, specialised garment cleansing and home care. Evoking the scents of the Norfolk countryside, refreshing sea salt and calming lavender, the collection is gentle to the most sensitive skin. 100% non-toxic, 100% natural, 100% hypoallergenic, and safe for use around pets and little ones.

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Norfolk Natural Living is an eco-friendly cleaning, homewares and garment care range for the modern home

Fronted by cleaning guru Bella Middleton, the collection aims to inspire joy in the everyday

All of the natural cleansers, detergents and skincare are handmade in Norfolk, and they’re proud to support the local producers that surround their workshop


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