Metya becomes exciting new player in dating app sphere

Subtitle: Fresh concept brings dating 'back to the old school', allowing friends and acquaintances to reveal their true feelings for each other.


12.08.19 - London

Metya has announced its intentions to revolutionise online dating, by doing away with the format of meeting strangers. Instead, the new dating app will allow contacts to reveal their real feelings for each other.

This fresh dating concept, which is expected to rival the likes of Tinder and Badoo, won't introduce people with no mutual contacts with each other. It focuses on matching contacts who users already have met, using a system which matches entries on a smartphone and allows people to see if their perfect match has been waiting all along!

Metya users will set a status for each contact, which indicates if they are mere 'friends', or if there is more to the relationship... this includes the status which reveals they are 'interested' or that they would like to 'date'. The game-changer comes when a status is changed - friends are notified and genuine feelings are revealed!

It has been confirmed that Metya will be available to download completely free for users of the Android smartphone, through the Google Play Store.

Metya marks a distinct change in direction for today's dating apps, moving away from the 'hit and miss' format which typically involves strangers meeting. Thanks to the ability to gauge each other's feelings, it is expected that Metya will allow friends and acquaintances to find their true compatibility, and in some cases, uncover a previously hidden passion.

A company spokesperson for Metya said: "We are thrilled at the upcoming launch of the Metya app, which we believe represents a landmark in the timeline of online dating. For those looking for dating and long term relationships, apps which are full of users looking for hookups and one night stands typically have a low success rate. We want to change all that, by letting users scan their social circles for possible partners, allowing each other to reveal their interest with a simple status change. It all adds up to a dating app which can be so much more gratifying, and exciting, breaking down the barriers which so often get in the way of potential romance. So if you are single, and use an Android smartphone, download Metya and see who has the hots for you!"

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About Metya

Metya is a mobile dating app that sets you up with people you've already met. Set a status for your contacts and see how they feel about you. You could've already met your perfect match.