British Search Engine Mojeek Reaches 4 Billion Indexed Pages

This is a first for a UK-based search company, and means Mojeek has joined the small group of crawler/index search engines that have ever reached this milestone.

Brighton, East Sussex: Mojeek today announced that it has indexed 4 billion webpages. This milestone is a major move for Mojeek on its mission to provide people with a true alternative option for searching the Web. Mojeek currently indexes over 2 million webpages a day, and this is set to increase as they install and turn on new server capacity.

“Genuine search alternatives to Google are needed. With our own index we provide very different search results and with tracking users at all,” says Colin Hayhurst, CEO at Mojeek. “All other international search engines track users and are based in the USA, Russia or China and as such reflect a national bias.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

• the release of an updated, browser-like app for both iOS and Android;

• the first ever search engine advertising with no tracking offered to an initial set of direct customers

• celebrating 15 years of operating under a no-tracking privacy policy; and

• joining Twitch, Imgur, and Condé Nast in leveraging Web Monetization, a Web Standard proposed by the W3C.

Notes to Editors

About Mojeek: Mojeek is the world's alternative search engine; a search engine that does what's right, that values and respects user privacy, whilst providing its own unique and unbiased search results. Born in a bedroom, Mojeek has provided people with a non-tracking crawler-index search engine option for over 15 years.

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