More Curricular to release More Maths, an app to assess mathematical literacy

Poor numeracy affects not only people's finances but their health and personal lives, too. Government statistics suggest that 49% of the working-age population of the UK has the numeracy level that we expect of primary school children. This figure demonstrates how important it is to place numeracy and mathematical literacy at the heart of primary education. Mathematical literacy is, broadly speaking, the capacity to interpret and employ learned mathematical concepts in a variety of contexts and situations; without this literacy, children are unable to apply the skills they learn in maths to the real world.

To address this shortfall, More Curricular have developed a tool for use by parents and educators of primary school-age children to assess mathematical literacy and mathematical knowledge of the UK's maths curriculum at Key Stage 2. The online app includes questions written by experienced maths teachers and offers instant assessment results including an in-depth analysis measured against the UK primary curriculum and international standards for mathematical literacy as set out by PISA.

The app is designed for use both at home and in schools, in order to help parents, teachers, and tutors to correctly identify weak spots in a child's mathematical knowledge. It's one of the only mathematical assessment apps which assesses mathematical literacy alongside curriculum knowledge, and it's the goal of More Curricular that the app will ensure that primary age children are taking away useful skills from maths, such as communication and problem-solving. Yvette Reinfor, Co-founder of More Curricular, has said, "the term 'mathematical literacy' is somewhat unknown, but it is an essential 21st-century skill that society needs."

The More Maths app is launching on 26th July 2020 and will be available at the cost of £50 for a full year assessment, with a £10 trial version also available. Parents and educators can register interest for the app now at

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