Critical Skills Shortage & Preparing For Brexit

[Broadstairs, Kent, 21/10/2019] – As the Brexit deadline looms, businesses are bracing themselves for the possibility of a critical skills shortage and readying their business continuity plans. Morgan Jones, a Kent based recruitment firm is helping local businesses prepare.

Despite lots of information available on the economic impact of Brexit, there is no consensus on how it will affect employment rates.

The primary worry is that with a lack of free movement there will be a critical skills shortage across several industries. “Set up a plan in case of the event of having a skills shortage by defining the critical functions that each member of staff adds to your business. You can then understand and prepare your options for recruiting new staff quickly and efficiently,” says Jonathan Clarke, MD of recruitment firm Morgan Jones.

According to the ONS, employment rates have been steadily increasing for several years and unemployment is at 4.0% - 68,000 people fewer are unemployed than a year ago. This growth has come despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit since the referendum result.

For those businesses who hire some of the 3.5 million EU citizens currently living in this country, Brexit does present a potential problem as the employees must apply for settled status by June 2021.

Despite this uncertainty, an opportunity arises for conversation between employer and employee. “Set up individual meetings with all affected employees to discuss their plans” continues Mr Clarke “The barriers for entry have been lowered and it’s easy and free for EU citizens to apply for settled status providing extra security for them and your business”. A surprisingly simple answer for helping to future-proof one’s business.


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