Dedicated entrepreneurship champion, Matt Smith, joins National Enterprise Network Board

Home of enterprise support, National Enterprise Network (NEN) has further bolstered its Board of Directors with the appointment of committed entrepreneurship champion, Matt Smith, Centre For Entrepreneurs’ (CFE) Directory of Policy and Research.

The CFE think tank was designed and launched by Matt in 2013, before merging with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation in 2017 becoming the UK’s leading entrepreneurship foundation. A respected and well-connected figure of authority, Matt brings to the Board a wealth of knowledge on a range of research topics from seaside town revival and ex-prisoner rehabilitation, to serial entrepreneurship and military entrepreneurship.

Speaking about the appointment, NEN Chairman Alex Till said:

“Matt’s dedication, diligence and appetite for championing entrepreneurs is a perfect fit for the Board – we are delighted to welcome him to the home of enterprise.

Together, the Board contains an exciting blend of highly experienced individuals, united by a passion for enterprise. From Peter Ibbetson’s 30+ years of Finance, Media and PR expertise, to the wealth of on-the-ground experience brought by the Senior Managers from some of England’s most successful enterprise agencies – our Board now truly feels like a fired-up powerhouse of enterprise.”

NEN Board of Directors

Phil Ashford, Director, Enterprise Exchange

Phil is the joint founder and director of Enterprise Exchange, a specialist agency which provides self -employment training and support for people with additional barriers.

Mike Brook, Chairman, Business for London

Chairman of Capital Enterprise and Business for London. Capital Enterprise is the membership organisation for providers of business advice, training and resources to new entrepreneurs and small businesses in London. Business for London is a consortium of 6 successful, long established London business support organisations that have come together to provide a range of services to start up and growing businesses across the capital.

Jennifer Crowther, Chief Executive, Yorkshire in Business

Representing Yorkshire, Jennifer has worked within the Scarborough based Enterprise Agency for 16 years. She has wealth of knowledge of successfully tendering for, and delivering, Government-funded Enterprise Initiatives, alongside first-hand experience of how the Enterprise Sector has evolved over the years.

Aileen Evans, Executive Director, Hyndburn Enterprise Trust

A key player in forming the Consortium of Enterprise Agencies in East Lancashire and later Lancashire, bringing together nine enterprise agencies which successfully bid for European funding and North West Development Agency funding.

Peter Ibbetson, Director at Journolink Limited

An established non-executive director, backed by thirty years financial services experience and a successful track record in areas including strategic management, marketing and PR.

Alistair Ponder, Senior Commercial Lawyer, Steeles Law

A commercial solicitor with 20 years’ experience, Alastair advises a wide range of local businesses and is passionate about understanding and encouraging business development.

Lisa McCance, Director and Trustee, Shared Intelligence and StartUp Croydon

Lisa has worked in Economic Development for 15 years at a local and regional level and has extensive experience of working alongside businesses and charities to design and develop strategies and programmes to deliver positive outcomes in support of the economy.

Paul McEldon, Chief Executive, North East Business and Innovation Centre

Paul comes from an accomplished background in finance and auditing with KPMG, having previously studied accountancy and financial analysis at Newcastle University.

Richard Myers, Commercial Director, Transmit Startups

Richard is a self-taught entrepreneur of 30 years and the Commercial Director at Transmit Startups, which delivers a range of services to UK businesses including finance, tax, startup and growth strategy, mentoring and coaching.

Ashleigh Seymour-Rutherford, Chief Executive, Colbea Enterprise Agency

Ashleigh is a driving force behind enterprise in the Colchester area. Working in partnership is at the core of her values and believes that embedding entrepreneurship skills in schools and colleges is the best way to give young people the head start that they need.

Matt Smith, Director of Policy and Research, the Centre for Entrepreneurs

Matt Smith is director of policy and research at the Centre for Entrepreneurs. He was recruited in 2013 by Luke Johnson to design, launch and run CFE as a think tank before merging it in 2017 with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation to form a unified entrepreneurship foundation.

Sara Williams, Chief Executive, North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce

Sara Williams took over as the Chief Executive of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce in November 2011 and has since overseen the creation of the powerful Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce group.

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National Enterprise Network’s Mission is to represent, unite and support all organisations who are passionate about inspiring and encouraging enterprise. We support our membership by: Representing their interests to government and others in the public and private sector, showcasing a unique national network of credible, quality assured enterprise support organisations. Promoting the successes they achieve and demonstrating the value they add to local communities and the wider economy. Connecting them to people and projects inside and outside the Network, to share valuable knowledge, skills and opportunities for even greater success.

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