National Enterprise Network calls on Minister not to ignore start-ups and small businesses

The National Enterprise Network (NEN), representing the country’s enterprise agencies and enterprise support organisations, across the country has written to the Secretary of State for Business reminding him of the importance of providing regional advice and support for start-ups and all the small businesses that do not fall into the definition of ‘growth businesses’.

When the five advisory groups were set up by the government, to advise on how the economy should be re-started, the emphasis in the start-up and small business group was very much towards businesses that could be scaled up for growth and would be looking for external venture capital investors.

Chairman of the NEN, Alex Till explained, “The vast majority of businesses in the UK are small high street operations, either owner managed or employing just one or two staff. As we exit the pandemic it is clear that there will be a rapid growth in unemployment, with many more people looking to start their own businesses than we would normally expect to see. As they do, they will need advice and support in many areas, and we have emphasised to the Secretary of State in responding to his invitation to input into the advisory groups, that the Enterprise Agency network up and down the country will be the natural places for new start-ups to seek the help they need.”

In promoting the importance of the start-up and small business sector, the NEN have called for funding to be made available to the Enterprise Agencies so that they can provide quality business support on a regional basis to meet local needs, but within an overall framework.

Alex Till added, “The Enterprise Agency network is fully established and well aligned to the key areas of business support in the respective agencies localities. It is important that we and the government act quickly to make sure that we are ready to provide the programmes and advisory services that will be needed within the next couple of months. At the NEN we stand ready to support the Secretary of State in whatever way we can so that pre-start, start-ups and small businesses have the best chance of becoming long term contributors to the economy and employment.”

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