The only plus size Miss Finalist speaks on positive body image

I’m Ella Vine, a 33 year old Mum living in Thurrock, near London and I am the only plus size Finalist in a global contest Miss Generation 2019. ( in category Mummy of the Year, ages 25 to 35).

By taking part in this competition I want to encourage other women, no matter their shape, size, age or life experiences, to take a step forward to.

Miss Generation is a beauty pageant based in London for women above the young average ages but I was shocked to learn that no other plus size women applied. I’m size 16/ 18 UK and all the other contestants are small sizes.

The Final is on Saturday 26 January in London in Acton and I hope to win one of the crowns available.

Other than that, I’m an ordinary working Mum, running a national charity and am a former three-times Polish chess champion, and have a Master title in chess. I’ve saved thousands of lives in my charity work and I take part in this contest to show that our inner beauty matters more than the outer beauty.

I have been modelling previously for Scarlett & Jo, British top plus size clothing brand for women, and it gave me the confidence to enter this Miss competition.

Here is a link to Miss Generation website and to my profile: people can vote online and the contestant with the most online votes will win Miss Popularity title.

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