Newtrade Media releases Life After Lockdown report

Newtrade Media have released an in-depth report on how customers and retailers will be affected by life after lockdown. In partnership with KAM Media, the report details what will need to be considered in moving forward after coronavirus.

The report analysed what customers are looking for from their local independent convenience retailers, and its findings show that there have been some significant changes in recent months. A key takeaway from the report for example, is that 85% of retailers agree that consumers want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.

Newtrade Media developed the report in response to insight put out at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. The research was conducted with nearly 300 convenience retailers, representing 500 stores. The sample chosen included symbol and unaffiliated independents.

The purpose of the report was to provide confidence in the UK convenience market, allowing store owners to invest their time and resources into bettering the vibrant convenience channel to benefit shoppers. The conclusions of the report support suppliers in providing the highest level of service, and a product range shoppers will actively seek.

Topics covered in the report include:

• What makes a retailer stock a new product

• What makes a retailer work with one supplier over another, and

• How suppliers can help retailers with the challenges they may face.

Newtrade Media’s Editor of Insight Chris Dillon has said: “Life After Lockdown should give you confidence in investing in the right forms of communication, the right POS and offers, and the right attributes for your new products.”

The report also reveals the areas that retailers see as more important in the next six months, as the UK moves into post lockdown. Overall, it shows that the convenience retail sector will need to adapt to continue to satisfy their customers.

To order your copy of the new Life After Lockdown report, get in touch with your Newtrade Media account manager, or contact Chris Dillon directly on 0207 689 3379.

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