Create Outstanding Masterpiece Using NimNik Premium Acrylic Paint Set

NimNik Art set and Chalk markers are well known all over the UK and outside. There last year launched acrylic paint set before Christmas grabbed the attention of the public immediately right after adding them into the NimNik’s catalogue. Set of 24 premium quality acrylics is definitely a great deal as it includes a wide range of colours you ever want to paint the canvas. These acrylics are rich pigmented high-quality for beginners to professional artists.

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Artistic quality acrylics cost higher if you are a beginner, students quality acrylics available out there in the market looks so cheap. NimNik came up with the idea of making these acrylics as good quality as the artistic one is, and as affordable as student’s quality acrylics are!

Hence the NimNik acrylics launched with high concentrated pigments, bright velvety in texture, and premium quality that flows easily out of the tube, ready to be mixed and applied to the surface of your choice because acrylics are the most versatile paints of all. They are eco-friendly, safe to use by kids as they are non-toxic, acid-free, and with no harsh chemicals and ACMI Certified. Click the Amazon link to know more about the NimNik Acrylic Paints -

After buying NimNik acrylic paint set one of the customers noted his experience in the review section on amazon-“These paints were so good, the colours they provide is a nice selection, and a good base especially if you want to mix and make more colours. It was thick so took longer to dry but overall all pictures I've drawn have come out very professional. I may order again for my nephew and cousins so they can get into painting as well. would deffo recommend”

The set comes in a variety of 24 vivid colours in 12ml aluminium tubes each. Painting and creating art and craft work with these acrylic paint gives you an amazing experience and satisfaction. Relaxes you when feeling stressed.

Gift your kids, grandchild, or anyone who enjoys painting and artworks, let them be creative as creating artwork helps them in developing fine motor skills, expands their imagination, concentration level also makes them inventive and creative in numerous ways. Make artwork together with your kid and enjoy the endless possibilities of creativity with these acrylics. Order now from our website -

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