NimNik Liquid Chalk Marker Pens Back In Stock and On Sale

Online retailer NimNik is happy to announce that their most liked chalk marker pens are back in the stock, and are available to order from their website and from Amazon. The chalk markers pens ran out of stock over the past few months.

Since its launch, the NimNik neon chalk pen markers saw a huge surge in demand, as covid-19 spread across UK. The company is experiencing slower shipping times due to high demand of school supplies. This resulted in an adverse impact on availability of products online. However the company has taken extra precautions at all levels to sanitise and clean the workstation, inventory for safest delivery.

The chalk marker pens are available on the NimNik website and on Amazon. It can be ordered here - . During the pandemic, kids who are continuing their studies at home can enjoy learning with some fun. These marker pens helps in making topics more creative and grab the interest while teaching. Study at home would not be boring anymore.

These vibrant chalk markers are adored by everyone from kids to adult and become a part of their backpack list. The set comes with 8 bright and vivid colours, helping young artists in their work. For crafters, chalk markers open a whole new world of DIY and decorating opportunities. When you look at how versatile and colourful they are you'll understand why NimNik chalk marker pens are one of the hottest art tools on the market.

The company CEO says, " We always focus on premium quality products that come in affordable range so these markers are specially designed with the nontoxic formula which makes it safe for kids and eco-friendly to the atmosphere. Unlike the dusty white sticks of chalk that come to mind when you think about chalk, NimNik chalk markers are cleaner, more vibrant, and easier to use. A chalk marker isn't solid chalk at all — it's liquid chalk!".

The chalk markers can be ordered directly from NimNik website - . The concentrated ink used in these markers gives high pigmented complete coverage to allow you to draw over an existing colour to add highlights and details. Chalk markers can make more precise lines than regular chalk because they are as easy to hold and use as a pen or pencil. That's one of the reasons they work so well on all nonporous surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, whiteboards, and chalkboards; so the creative possibilities are endless!

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