No More Boring Classroom Studies - Check Out These Vibrant NimNik Chalk Marker Pens

Let your kid be creative every time-gift them NimNik chalk markers pen set that is washable too. These markers set launched last year received so much love by many kids who are continuing their studies from home during the lockdown, company already experiencing huge demand for chalk marker set after they are coming in stock.

These high-quality marker pens set has got some raving reviews on Amazon. Before they run out of stock again, place your order on Amazon now -

These marker pens can be the nicest gift for your kid, It can be used for multiple purposes i.e. it makes the topic more interactive in studies, helps in decoration in parties, making DIY and creative artwork. The set comes with 8 bright and vivid colours, Purple, Green, Light Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, and Red.

Unlike the common dusty chalk stick, these pens are made with liquid formula so it will be super easy to clean and do not pollute the surroundings. they work so well on all nonporous surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, whiteboards, and chalkboards. The concentrated ink used in these markers gives high pigmented complete coverage to allow you to draw over an existing colour to add highlights and details. The possibilities of creativity are endless with these marker pens. Order it directly from Nimnik website -

Many customers shared their valuable feedback on the Amazon website. one of the customer experience shared his experience after using NimNik chalk marker “These are awesome for writing on mirrors and windows, the colours just pop and are bright and vibrant... you can write, draw and mess around without worry, as it is easy to wipe off afterward with some window cleaner spray. We had great fun with the kids drawing on our patio doors, totally recommend these pens”

The company focus on premium quality products that comes in affordable range so these markers are specially designed with a nontoxic formula which makes it safe for kids and eco-friendly to the atmosphere. The chalk pens are available on the NimNik website or can be ordered from Amazon as well. Amazon prime members gets the added benefit of getting free delivery as well. Click the link for more details about the product -

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