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Premium Paper Gift Bags That Make Your Gifts Stand Out

When was the last time you were invited to the birthday party of your daughter's friend? It would certainly feel like last week if you are a parent of 2 kids. There is always a birthday party looming round the corner. Every time you buy a gift, you will need to put it in a gift bag. Buying...

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Portable Changing Mats for Babies Re-stocked by NimNik

NimNik today announced that their portable travel is back in stock for customers to order from their website as well as Amazon. The travel changing mat was an addition to the existing baby product range of NimNik. The changing mat comes with a chevron pattern, making it not only a travel accessory...

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NimNik Launches Universal Stroller Travel Bag For New Parents

In their continuing goal to provide high-quality parenting supplies at cost-effective prices, NimNik, a family-run company, has just released a product that makes it easier to travel with your baby or toddler. NimNik has been selling their car seat travel bag for over 1 year, and because of input from...