Novicell announces new web solution after demand for change increases during COVID-19

London-based digital marketing agency Novicell are, like many others, experiencing a challenging time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the global crisis has also led to a new demand for cheaper and simpler web solutions.

This has made Novicell rethink how their services can be applied to the reality that many companies are now experiencing. As a result, they have launched a new Umbraco Premium website solution which is ‘best-practice websites at an affordable price’. Instead of building every new website from scratch, Novicell have created a package with all their best practices based on their 21 years of experience building websites for companies worldwide.

The premium product also helps customers save money on expensive licence software as there is no recurring licensing fee on the platform, making it an easier and cheaper way for companies to get a well-functioning website up and running within a few weeks.

New hire to support new product

This new focus has led to the hiring of Eva Karadimou this May, who will be taking care of nurturing and maintaining the product. Eva Karadimou, who will have the title of Product Manager, has an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science background and has worked in various industries in the UK in both engineering and management roles for the last seven years.

Being technically minded and a software enthusiast, Eva is passionate about Agile practices to maximise the value of software products.

Our Umbraco Premium product is aimed at companies that want a well-built website solution with a flexible and straightforward design. I am thrilled to have Eva on board to be the driving force behind the project. We have a strong focus on delivering high-quality solutions and I am confident that Eva’s expertise is going to strengthen our offerings, says Mikkel Keller, Head of Development at Novicell UK.

About Novicell

Novicell has more than 280 developers, strategists, designers and marketing specialists working together to strengthen clients’ businesses. Novicell is an Umbraco Gold partner with over 10 years’ experience building Umbraco solutions. We have a department of over 40 Umbraco specialists, won multiple global Umbraco awards and also built a new marketing site for Umbraco directly.

Within the Umbraco community, our employees often deliver keynote speeches, and three of our employees are honoured Most Valuable People (Umbraco MVP). We have also built many components for Umbraco, including Elastic Search and a personalisation package called Footprint. As a result of our active work within the Umbraco community, we have been named as one of only 26 global Umbraco Contributing Partners.

Our team of specialists will help you make the right digital decisions to meet your specific business needs best. Combining strategic and technical skills, we can advise you competently and put the recommendations into practice. This is how we create results.

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