“It’s time industries wake up to stagnated ways of working” say innovation and productivity experts OpenGenius

Industries need to wake up and change their stagnating productivity, according to experts OpenGenius, following this mornings disappointing productivity data.

‘Data released this morning highlights that productivity among the labour force has been ‘lower post-downturn (2010 to 2017) than during the period immediately prior to the downturn (2004 to 2007)’.

Responding, Chris Griffiths, CEO of OpenGenius, said: “As Britain’s productivity continues to decline, it is time industries wake up to stagnated ways of working that are impacting levels of output all across the UK. The benefits of applying new and innovative approaches to work best practice systems are undeniable and need to be taken seriously.

"Here at OpenGenius, we believe that by educating employees on a few basic working lessons, we can massively improve work quality and output. Understanding that 'being busy' and 'multitasking' are two of the biggest pitfalls for productivity is a crucial first step. As is instilling the importance of working by priority and saying 'no' to miscellaneous tasks.

"Innovation is the lifeblood of productive companies and we hope to see more British companies embrace the benefits of innovative thinking to improve productivity in upcoming months and years.”


Notes to editors:

You can find today’s productivity data at https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/economicoutputandproductivity/productivitymeasures/articles/firmlevellabourproductivitymeasuresfromtheannualbusinesssurveygreatbritain/2017

OpenGenius provide productivity software solutions for teams all over the world. Having helped the likes of Nasa, Disney and Microsoft (to name a few) they have extensive experience in the best tips for getting more done – as well as being the creators of their own task management tool, DropTask.

To find out more about OpenGenius visit https://opengenius.com/, and for more information about DropTask visit https://www.droptask.com/

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