OpenGenius marks National Stress Awareness Month

Productivity and innovation specialists OpenGenius are raising awareness of National Stress Awareness Month in the hope of increasing understanding of workplace stress.

The company, which provides productivity software for businesses and individuals, has said that workplace stress is a subject close to their hearts and an important issue at a time when more of us are openly discussing mental health.

Research has found that around 65% of the workforce describes themselves as stressed, with a quarter of employees seeing their job as the leading cause of the condition. Stress can take an emotional and physical toll on employees, causing hundreds of thousands of days of sick leave every year.

CEO of OpenGenius, Chris Griffiths, says: “Stress is one of the biggest problems our workforce faces, with many people feeling unable to ‘switch off’ from their jobs even when they’re out of the office. We take stress extremely seriously and encourage our employees to be more creative so that they can tackle the feelings of stress and pressure in the workplace.

“At times of stress, it is important to make employees feel valued so that they know they are making a contribution to the company as a whole. Micromanagement is one of the biggest feeders of stress as it doesn’t allow employees to breathe and get on with their work, causing them to feel scrutinised and under pressure.

"Giving people time to participate in focussed daydreaming will help alleviate feelings of stress and can be a powerful technique for problem solving. Most importantly, we encourage our staff to talk when things get too much and hope other workplaces will do likewise, not just during Stress Awareness Month, but all the time.”

Stress can be characterised by a range of symptoms, including weight loss, sleeplessness, shortness of temper, a fall in productivity and feelings of being undervalued. Those who think they might be suffering from the condition or are worried about a loved one are being encouraged to seek help from both their workplace and GP.


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