World leaders in innovation share secrets used by NASA, Microsoft, Apple & more with new groundbreaking app

OpenGenius make the strategy of innovation used by the world's most creative companies available to all through the release of new software solution Ayoa.  

OpenGenius’ productivity and creativity solutions have been used by over 1 million people worldwide. The expertise and software previously provided by OpenGenius has been used to help the likes of Disney, NASA, Apple, Microsoft, BBC and Pepsi - to name a few.

Now, the innovation process used by some of the world’s most progressive organisations is available to anyone and everyone through OpenGenius’ new app - Ayoa.

Ayoa is the world’s first tool to combine web-based mind mapping, instant messenger and task management. Each of these features is enhanced with unique feature sets, purpose-made to steer teams towards an innovative work process which utilises strong ideas, clear communication and effective project management.

OpenGenius CEO Chris Griffiths commented:

“We are very excited to finally release Ayoa to the world - I firmly believe that this new app will be disruptive within the SaaS market; it is something completely new. There are a million and one Task Management solutions out there, but there’s no use in being productive if you’re doing the wrong things. Ayoa uncovers a team’s best ideas and allows them to do the right work, well.

We know a lot of people are excited to discover the expertise that OpenGenius have previously used to advise big names like NASA, the United Nations, the European Commission and Nobel Laureates. Now that whole process is available to every company and team, big or small. We can’t wait to see how Ayoa is received around the world, and all the amazing things people go on to achieve with it.”


Notes to editors:

OpenGenius provide productivity software solutions for teams all over the world.

As well as Ayoa, OpenGenius previously created two successful software products iMindMap and DropTask - both were most prominently known for their beautiful visual display, intuitive user experience and emphasis on creative flair.

CEO Chris Griffiths is a multi-time best-selling author and entrepreneur. His most recent book The Creative Thinking Handbook was released to glowing reviews in March 2019 and has already topped a number of creative and business best seller lists on Amazon.

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