12 indigenous elders and spiritual leaders to host the opening ceremony of Glastonbury and support the festival’s ‘Now or Never’ ethos to protect the planet.

This Spring saw the amazing acts of civil disobedience that were Extinction Rebellion take over London, we believe this is the opening salvo of what will undoubtedly be the fight of our lives—the fight to protect our very planet.

For years, elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities and wisdom traditions, those on the frontline of climate change, have fought this fight—calling for an end to our abusive and extractive relationship with the Earth.

These Wisdom Keepers carry the most profound knowledge about how we can live with each other sustainably and in harmony; this year you will be able to encounter 12 of these amazing individuals and their messages for the world at landmark events around the UK, including the behemoth that is Glastonbury Festival. During the festival they will also be leading The Extinction Parade, which will see the creation of the largest Human Extinction Rebellion sign of all time in the Greenfields space.

The Wisdom Keepers is a global initiative that acts to catalyse festival culture for climate awareness. They provide a platform for Elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities and Wisdom traditions around the world to share their wisdom at an experiential level with audiences at festivals and to collectively bring about a more conscious, peaceful and sustainable world.

This collective facilitates spontaneous and profound shifts by enabling global audiences to appreciate and understand traditional wisdom ways as holistic, comprehensive and practical worldviews with immediate and relevant application in their own lives and societies.

The 12 lineage holders, from Africa, Australia, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador and North America, will embark on a 21-day pilgrimage to some of the most sacred sites in the UK travelling along the ancient Michael and Mary Ley Line commencing in Cambridge and concluding in Cornwall, conducting rituals and ceremonies - allowing many more of us to experience these precious knowledge systems first-hand.

UK liaison Ben Christie explains: “Festivals are arguably some of the most influential cultural events on the planet, so they are a natural space for the Wisdom Keepers to come and share the wisdom and insight of their ancient lineages with large numbers of

their participants, and potentiate shifts in culture in a powerful and progressive way. We are honoured to have been invited to be a part of arguably the most infamous music festivals on the globe to help the mission of climate change awareness.”

Now is the time to capitalize on the impact of Extinction Rebellion, harness the determination of our youth and stand together to turn the tide on climate change, deforestation and the deepening biodiversity crisis. Tomorrow can’t wait!

We invite you to join us, to unite with our land, to learn potent tools for both our own lives and our communities, and to start ecological welfare at a personal level.

Full schedule and Wisdom Keepers available at https://www.wisdomkeepers.earth/


The Wisdom Keepers are available for interview about their own traditions’ understandings of the challenges that humanity faces at this time, and solutions to them. These can be arranged remotely to allow for editorial deadlines. They are also participating in the Wisdom Keeper summer programme to allow deeper interaction with the larger group.

Please get in touch with our Communications Manager at the email below for any expression of interest.

Alex Holbrook – E: alex@wisdomkeepers.earth // P: +447960650839

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