Paysend announces partnership with Meaningful Business for purpose led activations

London, March 2nd

Global FinTech Paysend today announced a strategic partnership with Meaningful Business at a global level.

Meaningful Business is a global community comprising some of the most progressive business leaders in the world, who share a vision to drive positive change by actively spearheading projects related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The partnership, which begins in March 2021, will see Paysend and Meaningful Business create and deploy leadership and education initiatives as well as activations on the ground to promote quality education in emerging markets.

Paysend has reached the milestone of 3 million customers, having experienced hypergrowth from the beginning of the global pandemic. Paysend’s digital money solutions have come to the aid of people around the world needing safe, secure, fast and low-cost ways to manage their money in times of lockdown and travel bans.

Because education is the third destination pillar for money transfers after food and shelter, it is very much linked to the efficiency of money transfer. Given that the average cost of traditional transfers is up to 7%, Paysend can grand a huge saving with its limited cost which is often below 2%. Out of $600BN of transfer worldwide that means an additional $25BN can be designated to activities on the ground that support education.

“Our partnership with Meaningful Business will help Paysend boost its communication power in the area of purpose led activities, as we want to support education projects in emerging markets,” Alberto Macciani, CMO at Paysend said. “We will be working with Mastercard on exciting marketing campaigns to educate people about the value of digital money in terms of saving time and money to serve the needs of millions around the world through better education”.

Speaking about the partnership, Tom Lytton-Dickie, Founder and CEO at Meaningful Business, said, “We are delighted to partner with Paysend to support increased focus on education in developing markets. This partnership highlights the impact the fintech sector can have on bridging education inequalities faced by young people around the world, and various ways in which the efficiency of digital money can help bridge that gap.”

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Paysend: Alberto Macciani.
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About Paysend
Paysend is one of the fastest growing global Fintech companies, born in 2017, based in UK, and regulated by the FCA. Servicing 3 million customers in 45+ countries and multiple currencies, Paysend enables instant cross-border transfers, card processing and merchant acquiring, as well as local payments in a way which is simple, smart and secure.
As a global end-to-end integrated payment ecosystem Paysend has its own global network of banks, international and local payment systems, and has partnerships with the major international card networks Visa, Mastercard and China Union Pay as a principal member and certified processor. Paysend recently opened its US operations and secured a partnership with Alipay in order to grow its global footprint. Paysend is money for the future.

About Meaningful Business
Meaningful Business is a curated network of progressive leaders across the world, combining purpose and profit to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The platform is focused on content creation, knowledge sharing and meaningful connections, bringing leaders together across geography, industry, role and company-size, to share and collaborate, resulting in meaningful impact. The community consists of Founders, CEOs, Impact Investors, Sustainability Heads, Humanitarian leaders and academics across 90+ countries, representing 50 industries. To know more, visit:

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About Paysend

Paysend is a next generation integrated global payment ecosystem, enabling consumers and businesses to pay and send money online anywhere, anyhow and in any currency. Paysend is UK-based and has global reach having been created in April 2017 with the clear mission to change how money is moved around the world. Paysend currently supports a cross-network operability globally across Mastercard, Visa, China UnionPay and local ACH and payment schemes, providing over 40 payment methods for online SMEs. Paysend can send money to 135 countries worldwide and has attracted more than five million consumers to its platform. As a global end-to-end payment platform, Paysend has its own global network of banks and international and local payment systems and has partnerships with the major international card networks Visa, Mastercard and China Union Pay as a principal member and certified processor. For further information visit

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