Banana flavoured good fortune lies ahead

Their splendid banana flavour fortune cookies, filled with Perfectly Bananas good fortune, will be available to pick up on stand 4J38 at Spring Fair from the 2nd February. So, pop along, though remember, it’s first come first served, don't you know.

Whilst you are there, do feel free to take a peek at, not one, but two brand

spanking new ranges of greeting cards that we are introducing at the fair! I say! What a jolly spiffing idea!

Released 1 Feb 2014

About Perfectly Bananas

Let us introduce ourselves… We are Perfectly Bananas A creative company and publishers of all “Things” spiffing and marvelous. Made up of husband and wife team, Phil and Dana Burton, we were originally inspired to be part of the greeting card industry on discovering Things were all around us. This is clearly not as crazy as it sounds, as Things are enchanting, infinitely varied and colourful creatures, that have infiltrated our world through a portal to another dimension. They now live all around us, in our homes and work places, usually hidden from sight, but they are there. We were the first to discover these tiny creatures and felt inspired to share their existence with the rest of the world. Phil is the Perfectly creative member of our duo. Having been creating and painting for many years, Phil has been truly enchanted by Things and you can rest assured that at any given moment he will be hard at work capturing them in painted form or, more recently, through photographs. Both of which we are selling as greeting cards. Dana is the Banana. Simply because it rhymes with her name and she has been called Dana Banana for many years. Feel free to address her in this manner. Although, rest assured, it’s not because she is yellow and fruity. Dana, while creative herself, takes on the job of the business operation (she has only just learnt how to colour within the lines so Phil doesn’t let her near any designs or artwork). Dana has successfully run and managed many businesses, and absolutely loves the business side of Things. We now spend most of our time looking for Things around the world and being jolly decent about it too. You may have already seen Things, or you may not. If you keep your eyes peeled you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one or two yourself. Since launching in May last year we have enjoyed selling cards so much that we are now jolly well expanding into other ranges. More on this at a later date. That said, we do like to do things properly here at Perfectly Bananas and our first new range of cards, “I say!”, exclaim sentiments in the most appropriate of ways. After all, a spot of card giving is most definitely, and without fail, a smashingly decent thing to do. Looking forward, we’d like to combine jolly good humour, art and inspirational cards to make our unique mark in the industry. We like hard work and challenges, so expect a lot of that ahead. In the meantime, we would love to show you our cards and we will even bring the tea. Banana flavoured of course! Hurrah! If you haven’t tried any Banana tea yet, be sure to ask Dana for some – she’ll be happy to send you a tea bag and you can join the great love-it or hate-it debate!