Pet Flaps UK announces the amazing OnlyCat®.

The Smart Cat Flap lets cats in—keeps mice out

Your cat will typically hunt 110 animals per year, and bring of 18% them home. This means cleaning up animals remnants in your home, in the middle of the night. OnlyCat® changes this.

OnlyCat® detects prey

Advanced Artificial Intelligence vision technology detects the presence of prey. OnlyCat® can detect mice, birds, rabbits, rats, squirrels, and other animals large enough to be seen by the camera.

OnlyCat® locks

Within a fraction of a second OnlyCat® detects the prey and temporarily locks the cat flap.

OnlyCat® lets you know

OnlyCat® connects to your Wi-Fi, and sends you short video clips of your cats transits. You'll feel more connected to your cat, and you'll receive a critical alert whenever a prey delivery attempt is foiled.

OnlyCat® plans to have their amazing Smart Cat Flap on the shelves early next year and is inviting customers to place their orders now for exclusive discounts.

Director and founder of Pet Flaps UK, John said:

“The OnlyCat® has got to be the greatest design revolution in cat flaps since they were invented by Isaac Newton!”

Pet Flaps UK installs cat flaps throughout the UK into doors, glass doors, windows and walls. “We are really excited to be helping OnlyCat® take their product to market - come next year we expect to be installing hundreds of these great devices all over the UK and Ireland” John went on to say.

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About Pet Flaps UK

Pet Flaps UK was founded by 65-year-old John Carolan in June 2020. Starting a business in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge... John has been involved in various small businesses and start-ups over the years and saw an opportunity to develop a cat flap and dog door installation service nationwide. What makes Pet Flaps UK different from other businesses in the same field is the huge range of cat flaps and dog doors offered. Pet Flaps UK is the UK distributor for hand-made hardwood dog doors from Belgium, Hi-Tech electronic pet doors from the USA and Austrian manufacturer petWALK, the world's finest engineered and designed pet doors. From the very first enquiry on 26th June 2020 the business is growing rapidly and now has installers in the North-west, Birmingham & The Midlands and London & The Home Counties. John has ambitions to franchise the business throughout the UK and Ireland in the next 12 months.

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