Pet Flaps UK are proud to be appointed as the new UK installer and distributor of the world's best Doors for Pets

When most people think of pet flaps they think of a flimsy plastic square, rattling around uselessly at the bottom of their back door. This design has barely changed in decades. Now, a Manchester business owner is on a one-man mission to bring cat flaps and dog doors into the 21st century.

John Carolan founded Pet Flaps UK in June 2020 and business is booming. At an age when most people are thinking about retirement, 65-year-old Carolan came across the website of Austrian company petWALK. He was so impressed by their product that he vowed to bring it to the UK:

“When I first found petWALK's website in July I was bowled over, I just didn't realise doors for pets like these could exist!”

Although a global pandemic is far from the ideal time to start a new business, John’s determination was unshakeable. He contacted petWALK and now his business Pet Flaps UK has been appointed as the Austrian company's main UK installer and agent. Despite the challenging circumstances, Carolan has had no shortage of eager customers. The first enquiry arrived on the 26th June and, just a few weeks later, weekly installations are well into the double figures. Carolan attributes his success as a pet flap fitter to the quality and huge range of cat flaps and dog doors his fitters install:

“There are plenty of discerning customers who demand the very best pet doors and installation services”.

The pinnacle of Austrian engineering, the doors are completely motorised and can be controlled from any location via the user’s smartphone. Many of the doors are fitted with a camera so users can keep an eye on their pets wherever they are. The doors are also easy on the eye, with the option to screen print them in any design to perfectly match the decor of your home.

Whether you’re looking for cat flaps for double glazing, dog doors installed into walls or cat flaps into walls, Pet Flaps UK is your one stop shop for dog and cat flap installation.

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About Pet Flaps UK

Pet Flaps UK was founded by 65-year-old John Carolan in June 2020. Starting a business in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge... John has been involved in various small businesses and start-ups over the years and saw an opportunity to develop a cat flap and dog door installation service nationwide. What makes Pet Flaps UK different from other businesses in the same field is the huge range of cat flaps and dog doors offered. Pet Flaps UK is the UK distributor for hand-made hardwood dog doors from Belgium, Hi-Tech electronic pet doors from the USA and Austrian manufacturer petWALK, the world's finest engineered and designed pet doors. From the very first enquiry on 26th June 2020 the business is growing rapidly and now has installers in the North-west, Birmingham & The Midlands and London & The Home Counties. John has ambitions to franchise the business throughout the UK and Ireland in the next 12 months.

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