Pimento Opens Door to Ukrainian Agencies

Ukrainian marketing agencies are being offered free membership of the independent agency network Pimento, as a gesture of support for the beleaguered country.

Pimento has agreed to waive its membership fees for Ukrainian-based agencies, subject to them meeting the normal quality criteria.

The first agency to join under the new scheme is Netpeak, a digital marketing agency which employs more than 350 people across Ukraine, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

Vlad Braganets, head of partnerships at Netpeak, said: “We are delighted to be joining Pimento at this critical time. Unfortunately, our Ukrainian clients are now focussed not on business development, but on survival. The new reality is forcing us to make significant changes in our business and starting expansion on the new markets. Despite the war, we didn't lose our expertise and passion to learn. Our team is mostly in safe places, and we would like to restart our business, so we can help our people in Ukraine.”

Vlad added that he would welcome any outsourcing partnerships where Netpeak carried out work on behalf of UK agencies.

Stephen Knight, founder of Pimento, said he welcomed Netpeak and any other Ukrainian agencies who wanted to join.

“We will be throwing open the entire resources of our network to Netpeak and will do what we can to grow their business outside of Ukraine. It is the least we can do in these cataclysmic times.”

As part of the membership deal, Netpeak will be given business referrals, networking opportunities and access to webinars and new business support.

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Photos: Netpeak Team and Stephen Knight

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