​Achievement For All ambassadors David Gandy & Joffre White Sponsor COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign

Achievement for All ambassador David Gandy is urging the

members of the general public, parents, carers, businesses and school alumni to

help fund the highly impactful AFA programmes for schools in their local areas.

David shares the importance of young people’s mental health and wellbeing

during Covid-19 and has stepped up to contribute towards funding these

extensive AFA programmes for his junior and senior schools. Not only are the

AFA programmes tailored to support students, but they also support parents,

carers, teachers and senior leaders in the school during these unprecedented

times to help boost their mental health and wellbeing.

Schools reported Improvement in Achievement and Success after AFA

Wellbeing Programmes

David shared how the schools he has sponsored have reported improvement in

achievement and success after being involved with previous AFA programmes.

“Sometimes you donate money but you don’t know the effects it has. It’s great to

see the direct impact of your contributions which is rewarding and this gives

businesses, alumni, members of the community and public an opportunity to be

truly involved in supporting their schools,” said David Gandy, Model and AFA


“In this current situation in which we find ourselves in, we are still in isolation

because let’s not forget, there's a lot of people out there that are still not brave

enough to go outside and take risks and a lot of these people are children who

are vulnerable that need our support more than ever,” said AFA Ambassador and

Writer Jofree White “At this moment in time their emotional health and wellbeing

is at risk.”

Reading can help overcome loneliness during Covid-19

AFA, is an educational charity that advocates for reading and writing, launched a

200 Million Minute Reading Challenge in March to encourage children and young

people, especially those who are vulnerable, to read more extensively to help

them during this period of isolation in Covid-19.

“A book in the hands of a child can be as powerful as making sure that they’re

fed because reading is at the end of the day, is food for the mind. There are 3

Million single-parent families and a lot of those children are vulnerable and we

can’t always see that loneliness in a child and introducing a book in their lives

allows them to relate to characters and start conversation making them feel

brave to opening-up and feeling less lonely” said Jofree.

Supporting Parents, Teachers, Carers and Senior Leaders Emotional Health and

Wellbeing during Covid-19

“Anxious and frightened minds don’t learn, Anxious and frightened minds

don’t teach, Anxious and frightened minds don’t lead. This has been the

focus in developing the wellbeing programmes so it meets the outcomes for

schools as they work towards preparing schools re-opening post-Covid-19

lockdown,” said Deputy CEO Karen Iles.

Achievement for All has created special programmes to support teaching

assistants, carers, teachers, headteachers and governors during this

pandemic as currently there is nothing out there to support them during this

difficult time. The programme aids young people and staff to best deal with the

emotional and wellbeing challenges they face. The AFA team can support with:

● Policy Development

● Curriculum Development

● Blended Learning Approaches

● Virus Education

Achievement for All has developed a programme to accelerating academic

progress amongst vulnerable and disadvantaged learners. This ultimately closes

the performance gap and raises standards. Core Strength is all about the

mental toolkit you can develop as you grow. The achievement for all

emotional toolkit is easy to talk about and easy to apply at home and at school.

The programme covers:

- Maths and Me

- The Finding Out Me

- The Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Me

- Other people and Me

- The Digital Me

- The Creative Me

- Building the best Me

Schools working with Achievement for All, have great parental engagement

systems in place that enable them to communicate effectively with parents and

carers, which is essential during Covid-19. They will continue to support those

schools in developing further strategies, to help troubled families and how those

parents can support the young person at home, what does informal learning look

like, identifying intrinsic motivations, reviewing goal settings and establishing a

deeper partnership with the parents. This is going to be key to not only helping

with emotional health and wellbeing but also with raising student achievement

and success.

Achievement for All is a leading not-for-profit organisation that works in

partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges to improve outcomes

for all children and young people. AFA Education’s proven ability to accelerate

academic progress closes the gap for all ages and stages, regardless of their

background, challenge or need. AFA Education offers coaching programmes,

step up reviews and regional CPD events to improve achievement and empower

students and educators across the country.

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