Celebrating The Power Of Your Story

Sue Williams, a local Author and Poet from Binley Woods, is holding an event Believe in the Power of Your Story at the Priory Visitor Centre in Coventry on Thursday May 9. This timely event will be a celebration of the launch of a third inspirational anthology of true stories by women on the topic of self-belief. Sue's book of poems I Am Unique, achieved Amazon best-seller status in 2017,

Sue was especially moved when she found herself listening to the story of event organiser at the centre, Dav Kaur, who -just 2 short years ago – was homeless. Dav, who wears a gold necklace inscribed with the word “Believe” to remind her of what she has overcome, now organises incredible events to uplift others. Dav will share her moving story at the book launch event.

Carole Donnelly, the founding Director of Coventry Priory who reopened the Priory Visitor Centre in May 2017, has also agreed to share her inspiring story in the new anthology, Believe You Can Live a Life You Love at 50+. Carole has worked tirelessly to save Coventry’s rich heritage in recent years.

Sue’s own journey to success began 9 years ago after she took early retirement from the civil service at age 51. Sue used a journaling technique to explore her inner thoughts following the loss of both her parents within quick succession. She discovered a latent ability to write poetry, including her signature piece: “Believe”. Believe is a powerful wake up call to women who are seeking the strength to make changes in their lives. It was the catalyst for Sue to embark on her new career as an author and publisher of women’s life-change stories.

The book launch event, is being held on Sue's 60th birthday and is timely, as it coincides with news that a record number of women over 50 are in work. Held at the Priory Visitor Centre, a venue which was itself recently rejuvenated, Sue was impressed by the range of creative activities taking place there, including art and photography exhibitions and workshops.

The Believe You Can Live a Life You Love at 50+ book is filled with inspirational stories by 30 different women, some from as far away as Spain and the United States. Many of the UK contributors are attending this magnificent event promises to be a celebration of what happens when you truly believe in the power of your own story.

With the forthcoming City of Culture status that Coventry will hold in 2021, events like Believe in the Power of Your Story demonstrate how valuable creativity and connection are in transforming lives. This event will include keynote speeches on the power of owning your story in business and life, as well as interviews with participating authors, drama, refreshments and of course, story-telling!

Sue believes that this venue, near to Coventry Cathedral sends out a wonderful message that it is possible to face your fears and come out stronger as she and many of the contributors have done.

Sue’s book will be available on Amazon and Kindle.


1. Sue Williams’s books are Believe You Can: Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Desire; Believe You Can Succeed: 21 True Stories to Inspire Women in Business and I Am Unique

2. For more information on Sue Williams, visit her website at www.sue-williams.co.uk

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