Stemming Children's Mental Health Crisis

Shockingly , one in eight children between the ages of 5 and 19 now have a mental health disorder according to the latest government report. The report also highlights the importance of prevention and early intervention as part of the action needed to stem the increase.

Aware of the current crisis and wanting to do take positive action, Nottingham mums Jackie Wilson from Arnold and Claire Clements from Bingham have teamed up to create an event which aims to help young people with their emotional wellbeing.

The Positively Empowered Kids Festival which takes place on 30 June at Nottingham Racecourse, will be a wonderful day packed with lots of free fun activities, excitement and knowledge to help children feel inspired about their future and be empowered to be happy being their true self.

Jackie (45) and Claire (39) both have personal experiences with mental ill health.

Jackie says, ‘As a teenager my mental health was poor. My self- esteem and confidence were low, and I struggled to deal with my emotions. My negative way of thinking, along with the traumatic loss of my uncle when I was 10yrs old and the grief I then suppressed, eventually led to depression which remained undiscovered until I was in my 30s. I then undertook lots of self- development and training to understand my life patterns and the dramas created, and I began to take responsibility for my emotions.

Through my company Empower Education, I now work with children, young people, teachers and parents to educate them about emotional intelligence, self- awareness and resilience. I am so excited that the Positively Empowered Kids Festival is going to equip children and adults with tools and techniques to help them live their best lives, know that they are extraordinary and that they can achieve anything they want.’

Claire, who runs Positive Pants which provides clothing to reinforce positive mindset and Blissful Balance where she offers wellness and empowerment events, also struggled with depression as a teenager and into adulthood. ‘I turned to various forms of counselling and therapies to try and help me get through, ‘ Claire explains, ‘but many struggle to access treatment and experience long wait times. The access to children’s and young peoples’ mental health services report, shows that many are turned away because their conditions aren’t thought to be severe enough even though some have self- harmed or experienced abuse. Kids have so much to worry about nowadays and there’s so much pressure on them, we need to do all we can to support them and help them navigate their emotions.

We have so many amazing things for children to try at the Festival, it’s going to be really empowering. They can sing, dance, drum, try holistic therapies and mindfulness, take part in wellbeing crafts, circus skills and nature activities and much, much more. There’s going to be a unique mix of inspiring activities and interactive demonstrations on offer. The Festival really is going to make a difference to children’s lives and help to give them confidence, increased self-awareness and support their development.’

Jackie and Claire’s daughters, Chloe aged 10 and Ellie aged 8 will also be at the Festival encouraging children to make bracelets with positive words on. Chloe will also be part of a workshop run by Resilience Leaders.

The event will raise funds for Cartoon Heroes which supports parents and carers of children with additional , complex or special educational needs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

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Notes to Editors

Reports quoted: Mental Health of Children and Young people 2017 Access to children and young people’s mental health services – 2018

Also: Mental health of pupils is 'at crisis point', teachers warn

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