COVID hasn’t stopped the party - cardboard masks as popular as ever!

Personalised cardboard face masks have been used for years as a fun and novel way of celebrating exciting life milestones. From stag do’s, to hen do’s and even baby showers, there seems to be nothing funnier than everyone wearing the special person’s face.

Printster is the UK’s leading retailer for personalised cardboard face masks in the UK. As the pandemic hit, it was expected that sales of cardboard face masks would naturally plummet - after all, friends were no longer able to get together in large groups to celebrate. Ben Williamson, Managing Director at Printster had the following to say “With cardboard masks such an important product for us, I was extremely nervous when the first lockdown came into force - we simply didn’t think any of the previous sales volume would be retained.”

We’re now over a year since the first lockdown, and a look back at cardboard mask sales over the past 12 months has uncovered some interesting results. Whilst sales of cardboard masks has seen an overall decline, pre-lockdown sales volumes of cardboard masks have, for some events, been sustained through the entire period.

Prior to the first lockdown, around 40% of Printster’s mask orders were specified by customers as intended for stag & hen nights. Over the last 12 months, this has fallen to less than 20% of orders. There is a reason for this, though, as according to a Hitched survey, 71% of couples have decided to postpone their big day, with just 23% of respondents deciding to proceed with their big day. It seems that, for some, prolonging that day isn’t an option. With a glimpse of light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, many weddings are now being arranged for 2022.

The number of people ordering for parties, however, has been fairly stable throughout all of lockdown, continuing to make up 50% of mask sales. Perhaps the huge increase in popularity of web conferencing tools such as Zoom has enabled the UK to keep partying on despite the global pandemic.

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Printster is one of the leading personalised gifts retailers in the UK. Established in 2007, Printster has become the go-to for personalised products such as face masks, socks, wrapping paper and mugs.

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Printster, established in 2007, has become one of the UK's most popular retailer of personalised gifts. Alongside popular items such as photo mugs, t-shirts and engraved gifts, Printster is also the UK's most popular supplier of personalised face masks, generally purchased to add some extra fun to stag and hen parties.

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