Choosing The Right Finish For Your Business Card

Did you know that business cards date back to England in the 17th Century? They were used “to advertise a person’s trade and provide a map to a person’s place of business” Of course, business cards have come a long way since the 17th Century. Today, they don’t just feature the name of someone’s profession and a map to their place of business: they include website addresses, phone numbers, slogans and logos. Furthermore, 17th Century business cards would have been made of simple, plain paper or card. Nowadays, several different material finishes are available for cards, including the classic matt finish, a gloss finish and even a foil finish. But which is the right choice for your business card?

1. Matt finishes

Matt-finished business cards are highly affordable, which makes them popular among smaller businesses and start-ups. Using a matt stock for your business cards can be a great way to achieve a clean and modern look. They can therefore appear more down-to-earth and straightforward. That’s why we recommend matt finished business cards for businesses that offer practical, day-to-day services, such as cleaning or repairs. Using a matt finish will also take away any glare and will often look cleaner as fingerprints won’t show as many finger prints once someone has touched it. They’re also a great choice for businesses that offer everyday products.

2. Gloss finishes

A glossy business card will achieve a shiny finish which can be especially good for those who want colours to really pop and stand out. A glossy finish tends to protect your cards better than a matt finish in general but, if poorly designed a gloss finish could look tacky. That’s why we recommend these cards to B2B businesses that need to dazzle their clients and savvy professionals who want to grab prospective employers’ attention.

3. Foil finishes

Foil finishes are fun and classy. They give the lettering or logo on your business cards a shiny, reflective look that resembles precious metal. As a result, they hint at high-class services and products. They even suggest a tinge of decadence. If you offer a fun, non-essential service or product and want to give your business a refined, sophisticated air, foil finishes are a great option. Luxury clothing sellers, nightclub owners and other sophisticates can benefit from foil-finished business cards

4. Emboss And Deboss

Embossing and debossing can be a great way to add an interactive element to your business card. With the embossing and debossing element you will create a tactile piece of printed stationery that is sure to capture the attention of whoever comes across it.

5. Spot UV

One of the more popular finishes for business cards, Spot UV is an ultraviolet varnishing that is used to enhance certain areas of the card making them stand out and appear richer with a varnish coating feel to it. This creates a very professional and unique look to your cards. Adding accents to either part of your card or the entire card can easily be done.

While there are a number of different finishing options to choose from for your high quality business cards you must think about how they will successfully compliment your business and branding guidelines. 

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