Eco Honesty and Profit Honesty set to launch on June 1st

Many eco and price conscious consumers are awaiting the highly anticipated launch of and, two online businesses created to champion value for money and ethical business practice.

Both businesses have been the lockdown project of Dr Chris Jones, a former dean of a UK business school. Jones left his career in higher education to fulfil his desire to practise the art of business, rather than simply teaching it.

Eco Honesty is an online marketplace, dedicated to showcasing eco-friendly products that are both sustainable and affordable. Many brands are beginning to increase the price of their eco-products due to the popularity of eco-friendly items, also known as greenflation.

Eco Honesty aims to combat greenflation by showcasing products and brands with fair pricing, helping consumers to find products that are beneficial to the planet and their wallet.

Profit Honesty is an innovative site that encourages businesses to be more transparent with their pricing. On Profit Honesty, business prices will be independently verified by an accountant, to inform consumers of how a business prices their products, e.g. how much profit they receive from each item. Based on the findings from the independent study, the business will then be rated from outstanding to very poor.

Jones was inspired to create both web platforms after seeing how limited online buying decisions currently are for consumers due to a lack of information and transparency provided by businesses.

Jones said, 'Both Eco Honesty and Profit Honesty are highly relevant to the challenges we face today. Consumers need to know they're paying a fair price for a product, now more than ever. And purchasing eco-friendly products cannot be exclusive to the most affluent people in society if we're to change buying habits. I am excited at the positive reception I have already received and cannot wait to officially launch both of my websites on June 1st.'

Both Eco Honesty and Profit Honesty will initially focus on UK businesses as Jones has been very selective over which brands both of his platforms will showcase. Jones has expressed, however, a plan to grow both platforms to highlight brands around the globe.

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