Franchise association reports UK franchising sector growth despite Brexit chaos

Despite the chaos surrounding Brexit according to the Quality Franchise Association the UK franchising sector is booming. Quality Franchise Association ( QFA ) is a not for profit franchise association in the UK. The QFA was launched just 4 months ago & it's unique structure & philosophy has created a stir within franchising. The QFA is growing rapidly & is reporting record numbers of enquiries from businesses seeking to franchise & individuals seeking self-employment through franchising.

The QFA has several distinct differences to other franchise associations which it claims has helped this rapid growth, including;

The QFA is a fully digital franchise association in that it does not have any office premises , vehicles or other tangible assets. This keeps overheads low making membership extremely cost effective. Membership of other franchise associations can cost thousands of pounds but QFA membership, which includes around £6,000 in tangible benefits costs just £350 a year!

Quality Franchise Association is a not for profit that is run by a team of experienced franchising professionals on a voluntary basis. The QFA does not pay large salaries, pensions or other benefits to it's board or senior management team. This enables the QFA to invest more revenue back into promoting franchising in the UK.

Finally the QFA is a franchise trade association founded by UK franchising professionals & is the only franchise association that has written it's own ethical Code of Conduct, the QFA Code of Conduct. This is the Code of Conduct that the QFA expects all Franchisors & Franchisee's to follow to ensure ethical franchising. This is a practical code, easy to read & written by UK franchising professionals with tangible experience within franchising including Franchisors, lawyers & franchise consultants.

The QFA was founded by Joel Bissitt. Joel has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 & now 29 years on has over 20 years franchising experience being a Franchisor twice himself & helping many businesses to franchise & recruit franchisee's.

Since launch just 4 months ago the QFA has already secured almost 60 members & is well on it's way to achieving it's goal of becoming the largest franchise association in the UK.

Joel Bissitt, CEO comments "I am delighted with the progress of the Quality Franchise Association. I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback & support from my franchising colleagues. Despite the chaos surrounding Brexit we have seen an increase in franchising related enquiries over the last few months, UK franchising is booming! I believe franchising will continue to grow over the coming years in the UK regardless of the outcome of Brexit. My team & I will continue to build benefits for our members & support them & we have some very exciting developments we will be announcing through 2019 as the QFA continues to grow."

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Quality Franchise Association ( QFA ) is a not for profit franchise association. Franchising is not government regulated in the UK & the QFA is a standards based trade association that promotes ethical franchising & franchising as a means of self-employment & business expansion.

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