Website launch another sign of radical success for London Tech Business, Radically Digital

Thanks to a website launch by the renowned tech business Radically Digital, businesses across the country will now be able to better fight the digital skills gap.

Radically Digital's website launch on Monday 27th September 2021 showcased the numerous success stories, tech news and case studies of scaleups who have worked with the company. It will also focus on the people-first culture of the company itself.

Radically Digital focuses on providing startups and scaleups with the expertise and know-how to develop their digital strategy, processes, products and services.

Founded in 2019, the consultancy came about when founders, Bobby, an ex Deloitte consultant, and Oliver, a former mechanical engineer, agreed that existing digital consultancies lacked a collaborative mindset between teams and clients. Radically Digital has a radically different approach, where an open and collaborative culture defines everything.

The new website is the next step in the ambitious consultancy's onward development and expansion. The site details how the tech business London-based provides its clients with a full range of digital consultancy services. This includes strategy, transformation, product-consulting, product design and engineering.

"The launch of our new website is a game-changer," a company spokesperson said. "It allows us to highlight how our radical approach to creative problem-solving has helped numerous clients scale up and improve their operations."

As well as launching a new website, Radically Digital recently hosted a Tech Drinks & Cocktails event, as part of London Tech Week, to talk tech business London-style. The event saw attendees share industry insights and tech news. The event was very well attended, running at full capacity, and attendees reportedly felt that the night was a success, reminding them little of other corporate events.

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