Meet The Woman Who's Fixing The Healing Business

Reeya Avani is taking a stand against the slime and slander which has saturated her beloved line of labor and love. Inspired by her personal experiences and a past littered with lows, which almost drove her to suicide, she dedicates her time to helping others deal with their internal troubles and she’s got a remarkable track record to go with it.

Sitting in the tranquil surroundings of her private practice in Mayfair, I get the sense that this isn’t just a woman with an aura which oozes healing ability, but a pioneer on a mission to cleanse, de-clutter and modernise the industry she’s so deeply and emotionally invested in.

“I find my way to the root cause of people’s problems and do my best to solve them in a simple way. I am fortunate that people find results from my work with them; I put it down to getting back to basics, and helping them to relax, re-energise and escape from the anxieties’ and stress. It’s all about keeping it simple.”

The numbers speak for themselves; since 2016, she’s held over 2,000 healing sessions, and with an incredible satisfaction rate which has brought attention from the likes of the Press Association, MTV, The Times T2 Magazine, Natural Health and other media outlets. It’s not the popularity that matters to her, however, it’s the outreach, it’s the number of human beings she could help to heal – that’s what makes her feel good.

“Both men and women come to me for all sorts of reasons, but it always boils down to the basics – stress, anxiety, and lack of energy. Sometimes people are fighting so hard against their troubles that they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been there, I’ve been through it. I am no hero, I am just a helping hand.”

This isn’t Hogwarts and she’s not adorning the costume of a Hollywood mystic, there’s no smoke and no mirrors. Reeya, a qualified Crystal Healer and an experienced Reiki Master, comes across refreshingly ‘ordinary’ but with a twinkle and a subtle sparkle which puts even the busiest mind at ease, turning chaos to comfort within moments of meeting. What makes her different is the lack of showmanship, the humility in her approach and the fact that, after meeting, you really feel like you’ve got a friend for life.

Reeya is keen to keep her door open to anybody and everybody who feels stuck, alienated or disenfranchised. She’s desperate to shed the reputation of her industry of its snakeskin and it's slightly ‘hippie’ stigma; replacing it with the following description: modern, natural and energising.

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Reeya Avani is one of London's leading Reiki & Crystal Healers based at her own private practice in the heart of London's St James Square. Reeya has diligently combined a unique mix of healing skills along with some incredible 'gifts', all of which are underpinned by her very own healing framework. She has helped many people ranging from students to FTSE 100 CEO's, those in the media and the performance arts to city workers facing the constant daily struggles of balancing stresses. Reeya's emotional healing, mental healing, and energy healing services have been tailored to fit her client's needs, and with a book in the pipeline, continued media attention (and recognition) Reeya is continuing her mission to spread the awareness of these alternative techniques that have helped so many, and can help so many more. if you would like to know more, then do get intouch with on 07507523666 or by email to: