Hull company leads the way in disposable face mask recycling and here’s how you can help

A Hull company is leading the way in recycling disposable face masks and now you can do your bit to help reduce waste and litter, cut pollution and tackle climate change.

Since the covid pandemic, face masks have become a way of life but this has also meant large volumes of hard to recycle waste is being produced. A recent study has found that globally, over 129 billion plastic face masks are being thrown away every month or 3 million every minute throughout the world. Research by the Univerisity of Swansea found that when submerged in water, disposable face masks release heavy metals and plastic fibres which can pollute our waterways.

Now, ReWorked, based at Morley Street, Stoneferry, Hull has developed an innovative way of recycling disposable face masks into everyday products. The face masks are processed to clean graded granules that are made into the board at the site in Hull which can then be turned into building materials, children's furniture, planters even shop fittings! You can help by taking your used single-use face mask to a dedicated collection box near the entrance at any of 150 Wilko stores or 483 Morrison supermarkets across the UK.

ReWorked is one of a growing number of companies involved in Hull’s emerging circular economy which help to use resources better to reduce the impact of climate change. The circular economy is being supported by Hull City Council has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030 and intends to produce a circular economy strategy.

Councillor Rosie Nicola, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, Hull City Council, said: “Hull City Council is proud to have ReWorked on board as another way of supporting our commitment to being a carbon-neutral city by 2030. It’s estimated that three million single-use face masks are being thrown away, globally, every minute! However, ReWorked’s inspirational recycling initiative shows just what is possible when ingenuity, industry and hard work come together to address waste pollution. Not only that, they are supporting jobs and boosting the local economy.”

"ReWorked has teamed up with Morrisons and Wilko to make it really easy for the public to recycle disposable face masks which can then be turned into everyday products. This helps to reduce waste, cuts pollution and help combat climate change.’ Said Izzie Glazzard, ReWorked Marketing Manager.

Reworked, part of MyGroup waste management specializes in the recovery and remanufacture of plastic products from the retail and consumer industry and ocean plastic recovery.

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