Charities thank Selfie Salon, as hair may be growing, but so are their coronavirus budgets

Mainstream charities are falling in behind the Selfie Salon initiative and thanking donors for their generosity as they give whatever they have saved from not being able to visit the hairdresser, the nail spa and other self care outlets, and doing their ‘self grooming’ in the safety of self isolation.

Leading the Barts COVID19 Research Appeal, Charlotte Manisty said, “Everyone in the NHS is trying their hardest to fight coronavirus, and thank you so much for helping us at Bart’s by taking part in the Selfie Salon Challenge. Any small contribution will help us look after both our staff and patients to the best of our ability. Thank you and have fun!’

Colette Osborne, on behalf of the Salon Owners United, commented, ‘The hair and beauty industry do not just service the public in close contact but make a significant contribution to GDP as well as employing more UK residents than airlines or rail. Many hair and beauty salons are really struggling at the moment and the support from Selfie Salon is a valuable boost for us.’

Samantha Grocutt, President of the Hair & Beauty Charity says, “This is a very difficult time for many in our industry and requests for financial support from us, are increasing daily. Although we don’t want people cutting or colouring their hair at home (let’s leave that to the professionals!), it’ll be great fun to see how the Selfi Salon Challenge encourages creative styling and beauty pampering at home and help to raise money for charities like us.”

Selfie Salon simply asks us to dedicate a ‘before’ image, do our own self grooming, take an ‘after’ image and post both on at the same time as making a donation to a chosen charity.

Tagging five friends and one celebrity in the process sets the target of a faster engagement rate than the infection rate of the dreaded COVID19 virus, showing the world that we can all smile in the face of adversity, and demonstrate our real appreciation through donations to the people and charities who are heroically looking after us.

Selfie Salon creator Matt Hagger, who had his company E-Man Venture Labs donate their time and resources to the cause, added, ‘By self grooming, which is our only option whilst we are in self isolation, we are saving the money that we would otherwise be paying to the hair and beauty industry, but we have a great opportunity to use it in support both of the industry, care workers and other charities who our looking after those in need. I am reaching out to us all both to have fun on the Selfie Salon at the same time as donating.’

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