Robot Photographer First UK Prom

Eva the Photo Robot to photograph prom in a UK first

Eva the Photo Robot has already heralded the start of a new chapter in the use of robots by becoming the first photo robot to regularly photograph weddings and corporate functions throughout the UK. Eva's already considerable list of achievements is about to get even longer as, in what is believed to be a UK first, she attending and photographing the Kinver High Prom in the West Midlands.

Prom robot photography

Eva was roaming the Kinver High Prom, which took place in Blakelands Country House Venue in Bobbington. The students attending took advantage of Eva's revolutionary touch screen in order to take photographs of themselves and upload them to social media and print them with over 300 photos being taken in a night.

The owner of, who supplied Eva for the event, and father of former students at Kinver High, Mr Warrington, said: "The students enjoyed the novelty of having their photograph taken by a robot and seeing this cutting edge technology up close, ."

It's also hoped that the ability to get up close and interact with a piece of sophisticated technology like Eva will further encourage the students towards careers in technology. With engineers consistently required in all tech-fields, Eva could prove an invaluable tool in cultivating further interest.

What makes Eva special

Why all the fuss about Eva? Eva is a very special robot, being one of the first to offer robot photography navigated via an intuitive 23.8-inch touch screen. The simple user interface allows guests at all sorts of events, such as weddings, parties, and proms, to be able to access a range of features.

Once the photo has been taken, Eva allows guests the opportunity to upload their photos directly to their social media profiles. In a world where social media is increasingly used, this is one of Eva's most popular features.

Eva uses sophisticated infra-red technology, allowing her to move seamlessly throughout the venue - wherever it may be. Eva can also interact comfortably with people, and can be customised with specific greetings or the ability to play pre-recorded audio when required.

Causing a stir

Eva is popular everywhere she goes - rather than a traditional static photo booth or magic mirror, Eva offers a glimpse into the future and the ability to interact with some truly incredible technology.

The team at wish the students at Kinver a God onward journey in their Careers and hope it will be a robot based journey.

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