Cancer Fight goes Wild at the Zoo.

Spend A Fun-Filled Day At Twycross Zoo—While Advocating To Save The Lives Of Young Children Battling Cancer

Shabir Gani hosts an event on behalf of Children with Cancer UK—to raise awareness, and much needed funding to help fight cancer in children.

NATIONWIDE, ADD DATE, 2014—In order to defeat childhood cancer, research for preventative care, screening, and treatment must be increased—and for this funding and community support is required. While many fund raising events are organised as high-priced formal or black tie events, Shabir Gani decided to go in a different direction—by hosting a casual fundraising event the whole family can enjoy at the Twycross Zoo.

“The zoo is an ideal place for families to explore nature, while raising awareness for a worthy cause. It teaches the youth in attendance the importance of community involvement—and provides a much needed day of fun for children fighting the destructive and deadly disease that is cancer.” Event Host Shabir Gani

Defeating cancer once and for all, is a goal that many non-profits aim to achieve. While any cancer being treated in a more effective manner is to be celebrated, defeating cancer that affects the lives of the future generation of the UK is a cause that Children with Cancer UK aims to achieve—which is why Shabir has become their benefactor.

“The fight against this deadly disease is a never ending battle. I wanted to do my small part—and thought there would be no better way than to organise a fundraising event for a charity that is near and dear to my heart. My goal is that we will soon find more effective ways of detecting and treating cancer, and save the young lives it aims to destroy.” Event Host Shabir Gani

The Twycross Zoo has wildlife fun for all. From the Butterfly Forest, the Elephant Walkway, the new mini beach and exhibits that feature everything from zebras to leopard cubs.

100 percent of proceeds from the event will be donated to Children with Cancer UK. Shabir Gani’s Children with Cancer UK Fundraising event will be held:

Saturday, September 6th 2014


Admission: Adults £12.99

Children Ages 3-16 years £10

Children 3 and Under FREE

Twycross Zoo

Burton RoadAtherstoneWarwickshireCV9 3PX United Kingdom

To learn more Shabir Gani’s fundraising event on behalf of Children with Cancer UK, please visit Those who are unable to attend the event can contribute donations online at the same link.

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