Winner of strategy award owes it to variety in Freelance skills and learning

After 14 years in the industry as a Strategist Simon Lamey won a Prestigious Sweet FA (Sweet Freelancers Award) as best Strategist at Yuno Juno’s Sweet FA’s industry event for freelancers at Hackney’s famous Shoreditch Town Hall on 22nd November .

Now in its 5th year the Sweet FA's have been set up to celebrate and recognise the enormous contribution of freelancers to the creative and technical industries, industries which could not function at their best without the skills and talents the freelancers bring.

Simon Lamey has been in the industry for 14 years, the last three and a half a freelancer. He puts his win down to the experience skills and pooled insights gained through working with a wide variety of clients he has worked with. “I was not expecting to win and this is going to the top of my linked in profile and CV says Lamey,” continuing “ I'd not have come this far without a group like Yuno Juno taking the pain out of freelancing. I concentrate on doing the work they get me the jobs and sort out my payments. It's really taken the hassle out of my work.”

With the gig economy on the rise, freelancers are contributing more and more to the technical and creative industries. What has been missing has been the means to streamline and handle the administration of job seeking and payment for freelancers. The response to the services of Yuno Juno has been strong. Hundreds of freelancers appeared at the awards many in the fancy dress theme.

“I’m surprised how many of us turned up,” says Lamey looking at his award “And I wasn’t expecting to win but it’s a wonderful prize to receive.”


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About Simon Lamey

I'm a freelance marketing communications strategist who specialises in content and social media marketing. I've worked on over 227 brands in 15 years, am IPA Effectiveness trained and have a distinction in The Market Research Advanced Certificate course. I was voted 'Strategy freelancer of 2019' too in the Yuno Juno awards. I am also trained in headline writing, sales page writing, pre-sell marketing, presentation and webinar writing, information product writing, and article writing. I have young 3 kids, live in the Kent countryside and have created 2 marketing courses and 2 books for small businesses and startups too. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at