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The top 18 books entrepreneurs recommend, every entrepreneur should read.

There is a sea of information, books, gurus, mentors, free talks, lectures available to budding entrepreneurs. Finding sources of information and advice you can trust is vital for time starved entrepreneurs. One of the most reliable sources is fellow entrepreneurs. Why? Because they've been...

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The Startup Leadership Program Calls for Class of 2019

Now with a global network of 3,000 entrepreneurs, the Startup Leadership Program continues to grow, inviting applications for its eighth London cohort. During the six-month program, classes, workshops and simulations are peer led and, face to face with successful applicants being taught the nuts...

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Portrait of the entrepreneur as a young founder.

All entrepreneurs begin life as founders. Usually young, but not always. I’ve just had the privilege of interviewing and selecting entrepreneurs for the 2018 London Startup Leadership Program. Here in London, SLP has a network of 120 alumni, the global community extends to around 2,700. It is certainly...