Spiritual Art From the Summit of Creativity to improve the Valleys in Life

Suffering with a debilitating back illness and facing a future of increased inactivity, Debbie McIntee confronted her own mortality and fought hard to heal her back with help from specialists and strenuous work in the gym. As her back improved she decided to give back to life. Debbie recovered from a state of near immobility and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, raising £10,000 for a charity to purchase a portable bladder scanner. It was on the mountain in Africa that Debbie decided to help others to open the portals of their spirituality through her art. While out of her traditional comfort zone Debbie opened the portals of her own creativity. The art of Soulful Creations aims, in her words, “to open a positive energy, uplift the soul and inspire.” Debbie calls Soulful Creations the visible projection of the invisible soul.

Debbie McIntee’s art uses the themes of Angels and Buddhas to project their affirmations. The art is not based on religious faith, more on the universal spirituality that all people regardless of faith share Debbie claims. There are small cards of 10"x12" size to larger paintings with dimensions of 20”x30” produced in textured acrylic paints on canvas. Each is an original hand painted work using brushes and palette knives to create a depth and texture to the painting. Each piece of art has a unique crystal selected for it and attached to the back of the canvas. Every piece is made as if for an individual with a character all of its own. Soulful creations also produce highly personalised commissions for use at weddings, christenings and other milestone events, each created to the requirements of the buyer. The range of artwork is available for purchase on their website at http://www.soulfulcreations.co.uk/ and Debbie actively encourages telephone enquiries on special commissions, and is happy to speak with media about her work.“I paint from the heart and share a little of my soul in every painting I create. Soulful Creations are the art of the soul you can see and feel. The Angels and Buddha’s are powerful symbols that commune with the spirit. I hope my art brings a smile to the face and joy to the heart,” says the artist. She continues “Soulful Creations exude a positive energy and offers a blessing to every location in which they are placed.”

Soulful Creation’s paintings are gaining increasing recognition nationwide. Renowned Spiritual educator and authoress Chrissie Astell uses Debbie McIntee’s Art as prizes in her educational programmes and Debbie exhibits at large shows like the Mind Body and Soul Fair in London and Olympia. She will be at the Quest Show in Devon, another major event on the Spiritual Art calendar, later this year.

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