Survey Reveals The Five Biggest Lock Down Fears of Parents


The Sport4Kids Parent Survey has revealed the five biggest worrying impacts on their children through lock down.

Steve Jones Sport4Kids CEO said “There are all sorts of impacts of lock down, such as lack of structure to children’s lives, lack of sleep, too much screen time but this manifests itself in real challenges for parents. The results of the S4K Survey of parents distils these concerns into five big areas.”

1. Obesity Timebomb. . .

A whopping 97% of parents responding see physical harm done to their children through lack of exercise and more specifically the lack of organised exercise.

44.5% responded that they had increased consumption of sweets, 44% of respondents gained weight due to higher calorie intake related to lower levels of physical activity. A total of 37% of respondents expressed a need to go on a diet.

Jones adds “The big worry is that the extra weight and sedentary habits are going to be very difficult to shake off. Healthy active lifestyles are being destroyed by lockdown. Once bad habits have been developed the fear is it will follow these children through their lives.”

2. Mental Well-Being . . .

Being away from friends and teachers has taken its toll and the recognition of 81% of parents recognise the impact of lock down on their children’s mental well-being. They also recognise the need to rebuild confidence with 68% of parents believe organised sport and activities is needed to address this issue.

3. Social Interaction . . .

The S4K Parent Survey showed 90% of parents see the lack of social interaction as a worrying aspect of lockdown. This would be magnified with single child families and can result in lack of development of communication and social skills.

4. Falling Behind The Lock Down Education Curve . . .

700 million days of education will be lost this calendar year. 64%, of Parents are both worried that their children have fallen behind and back the need to have some Summer learning opportunities in camps and child-care providers.

Dr Mark Gould Sport4kids shares “The whole timing of the lockdown and easing just as we come up for the Summer break is unfortunate. The Summer break means that children will have been away from their teachers, friends, and a structured environment for several months. “

5. Economic Impact on Family Incomes …

41% of parents in the Sport4Kids Lockdown Survey are concerned about the economic impact on their family income and the knock-on effect on their children.


Parents are recognising more and more the effects the lockdown, not only on their children’s fitness, but also their mental well-being and confidence levels. Parents believe that children have borne the brunt of the Covid-19 lock-down and now need help from Government, Schools and Private sector in dealing with these issues.

At Sport4kids we are opening sports classes and activity camps this Summer and will be launching some special events to help parents and their children fight off the effects of prolonged lock down.

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